Biz Tips: Think of your Business in Terms What Your Customer Wants to Accomplish

Biz Tips: Think of your Business in Terms What Your Customer Wants to Accomplish


Think of your Business in Terms What Your Customer Wants to Accomplish

Mars Inc. owns both Snickers and Milky Way. At first blush, they’re more or less the same thing.

They’re both sweet, chocolate, and will give you a ton of cavities. They’re marketed in different ways. When you think of Snickers and all that peanuty goodness, the first thought is a more substantial snack. It’s something that can hold you between meals.

When you think of Milky Way and its fluffy interior, comfort food comes to mind. It’s not going to fill you up but you’ll feel good eating it.

This is marketing at its finest.

When you buy something, you buy it for a reason right? You buy it because you want to achieve a certain outcome. You have a job that needs doing. The features of that product are only important because they allow you to accomplish your purpose — your job.

With Snickers, the job people hire it for is to take the edge off their hunger. Milky Way is hired to take the edge of their sweet tooth. Each one has a specific job and it’s not likely you’ll substitute one for the other.

Car companies and electric bike companies don’t see themselves as competitors. They offer different benefits. A car can protect you from the elements, has four tires, and costs a lot of money.

An electric bike is relatively cheap, can’t protect you from the elements, and only has two wheels.

Mercedes isn’t competing with Jump. That’s where you’d be wrong. They’re competitors because people buy them for the same reason — to move around. You buy a scooter and a car to get you from point A to point B.

When that job has been completed then you’re no longer looking for someone or something to hire.

They’re not traditional competitors based on category but they compete for the same Job To Be Done.

Look at your products and services and ask yourself, why do people hire us? What’s the Job To Be Done?

The Job To Be Done for KyLeads is to help people grow their business and make more sales.

It’s not to make pretty pop-ups.

It’s not to create quizzes.

It’s not to get more email subscribers.

That’s just the method we use when people hire us to do the job. Think about the real job people are hiring you to do when you’re trying to position yourself in their minds and your market.

Talk to your current and existing customers about what they hope to accomplish by hiring you.

Here’s a great (free) book on the Jobs To Be Done theory and innovation:

As long as you solve the problem, your solution can take on any shape.

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