Biz Tips: Think Like a Marketer

Biz Tips: Think Like a Marketer


Think Like a Marketer

You already do it- why not get better at it?

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Most people identify themselves by they’re job title or the hobbies they pursue. You ask them what they are and get answers like musician or an artist, writer, teacher or cop, neuro surgeon… you get the idea.

But before they became any of those, they were first and always will be marketers.

To me marketing is how you deliver a product or an idea to an audience for a certain result; whether it’s selling, building a brand, or even viewing your product/idea in a specific way.

And that is exactly what we’ve been doing with ourselves our entire lives.

We’ve been marketing since infancy.

In fact we were the best marketers out there as infants.

We used our instincts and the paternal/maternal instincts of those around us to survive and get what we wanted.

You’re a hungry baby and want some milk. To get your parent’s attention you start to wail and cry as loudly and obnoxiously as possible till a boob or bottle is shoved into your mouth

(If only that still worked ?)

Product or idea being marketed- hungry baby, need milk
Audience- parents
Method of delivery- crying
Call to action- feed me

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

As we grow older and change, so does our marketing. We learn more about ourselves, the world, and where we fit into it. Instead of a more direct marketing, we’ll shift our focus to branding; defining who we are and how we want to be perceived by others.

We create our own style of fashion, develop a specific music taste, like certain foods and TV shows. We engage with others in a certain way, act a certain way, and think a certain way.

We develop an identity and then behaviors to emphasize that identity.

We spend our entire life marketing ourselves to the world, while the world around us markets itself back to us without us ever realizing what marketing is.

Most people think of marketers as old people in suits sitting in a corporate office trying to plot a way to manipulate the masses into buying their product. They’re evil and ruin everything by bombarding us with ads that we don’t care about.

In actuality the marketing done on us by our friends and family have a greater impact on our lives. We listen to our friends and family, take their advice, trust them, go out of our way to help them, and even love them.

Product or idea being marketed- Our friends/family
Audience- You
Method of delivery- Being themselves
Call to action- Like me

As the social creatures we are, our entire life revolves around us interacting with others. That’s why it’s so important to learn and understand marketing- to think like a marketer.

We are constantly trying to sell who we are to the world; to an employer during an interview to get the job, the hot chick sitting at the bar to score a date, our parents and friends for love and acceptance, and everyone in between.

Thinking like a marketer will help you plan out your goals and how to achieve them.

  1. Focus on the product or idea you want to bring to life
    This could be anything from building a business, becoming an improved version of yourself, landing a date, getting an interview
  2. Identify the audience you will market to
    An employer, people that love ramen for your ramen business, the chick/guy you’re crushing on, future you
  3. The delivery
    This part is usually the hardest. It requires you getting into the mindset of your audience and understanding who they are. Your delivery has to appeal to their emotions and personality in order for them to react the way you want them to
  4. Call to Action
    The response you want from your audience. Hire me, buy from me, date me etc…

Now when you go about your day observe how intricate marketing really is. Observe how everyone is trying to market themselves; their behaviors, how they dress, the way they interact with others. Put yourself in their shoes and really try to understand who they are.

A good marketer is an empathetic one.

Hey guys hope you enjoyed my take on thinking like a marketer! If you found it interesting or it resonated with you then no need to hold the applause- Lets get the slow clap going! (:

Thank you!


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