Biz Tips: These Four Business Ventures Are Changing the Future of Home Improvement Industry

Biz Tips: These Four Business Ventures Are Changing the Future of Home Improvement Industry


These Four Business Ventures Are Changing the Future of Home Improvement Industry

It’s no surprise that technology is rapidly changing the way we work, live and learn. The new technologies are not only making the things easier for us, but also contributing a lot to our daily lives. It’s amazing to analyze that, just in less than a decade; we have self-driving cars that are safely navigating us to the different cities.

Many industries have realized that technology has a great potential to give their businesses a competitive edge to enhance the user experience, customer satisfaction and to increase profits. It has become the major element that can help in fulfilling the growing demands of customers and users in an efficient way possible. Fintech, Agritech, healthcare, IT and software are just a couple of names that have seen substantial growth in past few years. There is only one sector that had not seen much advancements and developments over the past years, and that comes in the form of the home improvement industry. Mainly, it’s quite timely, costly, altercates and needs the help of home renovation contractor or interior designing experts to take care of everything from a simple kitchen remodeling task to the sophisticated bedroom decoration.

Choosing an interior designer or contractor may seem like an easy option to enhance the appearance of your home, as the professionals can always implement latest & technical methods to reshape the interiors in a way no one can ever do.


For example, if we consider a startup company Renovaten, we can’t deny the fact that how quickly their modern trends are changing the way people renovate and upgrade their houses. With the help of this site, people can simply find thousands of amazing categories and designs to get smart ideas and inspiration for their home improvement project. Its easy to find everything in the one centralized place. Once you see that their ideas are in place, you can shop a plethora of items according to your project needs. When it comes to shopping trendy items, Renovaten has a huge collection of different innovative products for your house.

So, after having your ideas in place, it’s time to choose the stylish furniture, flooring styles, paint colors, window styles and wall & ceilings solutions. Users can consider the professional ideas and find the best contractors in their areas to get their home improvement projects completed. It’s just like a basic system, but keeping every element in an ecosystem can help keep the projects focused.


Ok, here we have got one more example, Houzz; this is the most popular online home improvement platform that helps accomplish some amazing designing goals, especially when it comes to renovating according to the latest market trends.


When it comes to fancy technological advancement in the home improvement sector, Occipital gives its 100%. Their team is working efficiently in the augmented reality space to highlight some impressive tools in the category of home improvement and interior design.


Another service known as TapMeasure is committed to focus on measuring objects and space. Now it’s possible to create an incredible 2D floor plans and and easy measurements. You can also use it for “Efficient leveling,” in order to ensure that all your pictures are looking straight. They also feature 3D Room Builder that usually allows you to make a 3D model of the space in a quick manner. And then it can be uploaded to the ‘SketchUp’, a 3D modeling software. The user can simply add windows; doors, furniture or everything might exit in the space, and then can create some best models for your room. The platform measures everything for absolute representations.

These were just four examples of companies that are changing the future of interior design and home improvement industry. As the technology will further evolve and grow, the companies will become more powerful and influential. There will always be a great need for reliable interior designers and contractors, but the companies like Renovaten, Houzz, TapMeasure and Occipital are creating a bridge between the customers and the contractors and letting common people solve their concerns regarding interior design and home improvement.

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