Biz Tips: The Power of Engagement on Instagram.

Biz Tips: The Power of Engagement on Instagram.


The Power of Engagement on Instagram.

The Power of Engagement on Instagram

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People all over the world have been asking how to grow their following on Instagram and they get some responses like “just go and spam as many accounts as you can” and they end up getting disappointed when they see that they need to do much more in order to get good on Instagram.

Those “gurus” that are everywhere talking about how you should be following thousands of people in order to get followers are just looking for the easy way to get “followers” without taking into consideration that without a community you won’t be able to do much.

We are here to talk to you about why you do need to take your time in order to build your community with engagement instead of trying to take shortcuts that lead you straight into frustration.

Engaging on Instagram isn’t something you hear often when talking about growing an account and building a community (unless you are following Gary Vaynerchuk or people alike) and we are going to keep pushing the same idea forward because we still believe that social media cannot be one without the “social” aspect of it!

Are you human?

Haven’t you ever seen a brand on Instagram that seems as it was run by robots? They don’t respond to any message, don’t interact and don’t create posts worthy of interaction.

Most brands think that going and posting content and seeing the metrics is all they need to build a following on social media when it really isn’t.

We are all living in a fast-paced world where people’s span of attention is low, meaning that they won’t remember your brand if it doesn’t bring them any value in their daily life and being present, commenting and interact is a great way to make them remember you!

It doesn’t matter if your account has 0 followers or thousands, if you don’t engage with the community you want to be in (specific niche) you will never get people interested in your brand!

Go and take time out of your day in order to respond to any message/comment people leave on your account and be sure to comment on accounts you like and that has something to do with your brands.

If you are in the coffee business for example then you could go and leave a comment on a video made by a barista showcasing his or her skills and bring value to it (give some insight, tips to improve or simply be nice and start a conversation)

These people will notice that your comment brings value and will either follow your brand or remember it longer than other companies with the same ideas.

Same goes with responding to every message and or comment that comes your way.

Haven’t you ever sent a message to a brand or account and got excited when they responded back? The same happens to most people when they leave a comment on a brand they find interesting.

That is why responding to every message works so well, it leaves people with a sense of gratitude when a brand responds back, making them want to follow you and interact even more!

Stop trying to use those “tactics” that only bring numbers rather than real followers.

Challenge Yourself

Go and take some time every single day to comment on different accounts that you like while trying to bring as much value as possible.

The perfect strategy is to comment on 10 to 20 posts of the top 10 hashtags related to your brand.every single day. They should provide (as mentioned a moment ago) as much value and constructive feedback as possible since people don’t want to hear that their content sucks.

If you get sent any comment or message you have to respond, no matter how simple the question or comment is!

Go and do it for a month and see how your interaction goes up even if your following doesn’t go up.

This is the practical part of Instagram, but how about the area where you have to make content and schedule it on time? We can give you a hand when it comes to creating content that brings value and that people fall in love with!

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