Biz Tips: The Power of Emails: Why You Should Be Shifting Resources From Social Media

Biz Tips: The Power of Emails: Why You Should Be Shifting Resources From Social Media


The Power of Emails: Why You Should Be Shifting Resources From Social Media

Social media used to be the go-to marketing tool, but it’s been surpassed by its old-fashioned counterpart: email.

People used to focus on getting a lot of Facebook likes or Twitter followers, believing they’d get a lot of views. This has been disrupted in the last few years thanks to algorithm changes and paid models.

Now when you release something on social media, very few members of your following actually see it. Really, the business models that lend themselves to social media have more to do with influence and knowledge dissemination. Impulse purchase products work well with these kinds of paid social media campaigns, too.

For everyone else, I recommend email campaigns.

Statistically, email is the most profitable form of advertising, second only to SEO. It’s easily measurable, low cost, and people keep their emails. Comparatively, without paying for it, social media campaigns are hard to track and people switch platforms quickly. They could be a Facebook member today, then stop using it because they switched to Instagram, for example.

But email is permanent, and more than that, you can directly meet the consumer in a way you can’t do anywhere else. It’s just a matter of first getting their information.

Here’s how you can get it:

1. People Will Trade Their Emails For Something They Want

Whatever business you’re in, you should be asking for emails.

People are generally willing to part with that information, whereas asking for Facebook follows or Instagram handles can feel a little invasive. Besides, you’re going to have better access via email anyway.

If you’re an e-commerce site, this part is easy for you. People already put their email addresses in to place an order. Even if they don’t place an order, you should still have a system set up to try and capture that information anyway. This way, you can set up many different marketing channels and automation to capture their business. They might not buy today, but they very well might buy tomorrow.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, or something a little less product-based, then you have more of a challenge.

One way to capture emails in the real world is to leverage something your consumers want. Look at comedy clubs, for example. They got really good at getting emails. They’d say, “Hey, fill out this card with your email and we’ll send you free tickets later or you’ll be a part of a giveaway.” Then, when there was a comedian coming into town and they needed to fill seats, they could hit their email list with free tickets.

The kicker here is the clubs also have a two-drink minimum, so if they get people in the door with free seats, they still turn a profit. It’s all due to leveraging emails.

2. Emails Give You Direct Access to Your Customers

The power of email is that it goes directly into a consumer’s inbox.

Then it stays there. Most people don’t delete things out of their inbox, so if they need to pull up a thread you’ve had together or want to find your latest offer, all they have to do is search their inbox real quick. I’ve had people contact me at True Blue Life Insurance using a seven-month-old email.

I know it was from seven months ago because emails are highly trackable. I can see that the customer clicked a tracking link from that email, so I know exactly how they came to us.

One of the biggest benefits of having a direct line to your customers like this is that you can actually conduct business via email.

As an example, my barber recently started using email addresses. He uses Square, a point-of-sale payment service, and he sends a receipt by email. Now he confirms my appointments via email as well. Or he’ll send me a note after six weeks saying, “Hey, you’re due for another haircut. Would you like to go ahead and schedule one?”

He has a direct line to me, and he uses it to make doing business convenient for me, but also to keep bringing me back.

At True Blue, we’ll get digital signatures and email insurance policies, which is a huge convenience for our customers. We also send Happy Birthday emails, since we have that information on file after selling a life insurance policy. It makes doing business with us so easy, that they’re more likely to come back when they need something else.

3. Email Helps You Expand Out Through New Products and Partnerships

There’s another benefit to collecting email addresses: they hold a lot of value for expansion.

Since the customer already bought one product from you, now you can show them what else you have on hand. You don’t want to leave any money on the table, and email lets you offer new products in a very non-intrusive way.

For example, we’re looking at expanding our offerings to homeowners, renters, and drivers. Once we have those offerings ready to go, we can hit up our current database to let them know.

Additionally, once you have enough of an email list, you can start to leverage that into partnerships and joint ventures with other companies. So, if we aren’t selling auto insurance yet, we could find a partner who does. Then we can send an email to our list saying, “Hey, we have an opportunity to get you a great offer on auto insurance.” Then your partner does the same for their list, allowing you to trade value.

Your list doesn’t necessarily have to be huge either.

There are a lot of marketers that say, “Look, if you have a solid list of 1,000 people, you have a business.” You can sell them anything.

Really, it comes down to your return on investment. A social media follower is like a penny, where an email is a dollar. So make sure you’re focusing on dollars, not pennies.

If you want to learn more about what I do, you can visit True Blue Life Insurance. And for more information about building your business, please visit my personal site to read more from me, including my book, The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell.

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