Biz Tips: The Inflation Of Social Media Advertising…Are You Ready For It?

Biz Tips: The Inflation Of Social Media Advertising…Are You Ready For It?


The Inflation Of Social Media Advertising…Are You Ready For It?

Between February 2017 and February 2018 Facebook Advertising prices have increased by nearly 40%. As an online advertiser, I know what lies ahead in the coming years. The simple integral truth you must realize if you are either a.) spending money on paid ads on any social platform or b.) are not currently spending money with paid ads on social platforms, is that the price is going to get higher over time. Now, this does not mean you should fear running ads or stop doing it because of where your budget is at currently. What this means is that RIGHT NOW is the time to take advantage of low advertising prices on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc…

The inflation of social media ad buy is upon us and it’s only going to become more saturated as big businesses like Mercedes Benz, Mcdonalds, Walmart etc…start to realize the power of running ads on platforms like Facebook & Instagram. What this means to me as a business owner is that I have the opportunity to a certain amount of money into my ads and get more money than I put in out, depending on who’s running my ads. I’m biased in my case as I run a private online advertising agency in Phoenix AZ, and creating ads for my clientele is a MASSIVE part of my business model.

What I can regurgitate to ANY business owner from my experience running paid ads is that if you’re not doing it right now, or are not doing it at scale you will literally be regretting that you didn’t in the coming 2–3 years if not sooner.

I say this because I have witnessed and experienced an increase in prices in my own business and within my client’s businesses. On top of that my team and I are peripherally aware of the fact that if a business does not plan on scaling or maintaining a good-sized budget for advertising online that it will hurt them long term. The truth is, as soon as these big companies come into Facebook and begin throwing millions into Facebook & Instagram ads YOUR prices as a business owner running ads on your own will soar. To counter-act the future as a person would eat more fruit, veggies, and workout to counter-act disease we must spend money and maintain a social presence that can withstand the entrance of Fortune 500 businesses into social media advertising. Keep in mind that your online presence is the new accreditation of your business in 2018 and beyond. Now is the time to take advantage of low ad prices on ALL social channels before they get eaten up by big companies.

I’m not here to tell you what to do with your marketing budgets, how to deploy it, and what content to make. I’m simply here to remind you that the pricing on paid ads online is stupidly low and if you aren’t taking advantage of it your shooting yourself in the foot. No matter what industry you’re in, your age demographic or any other excuse you summon up you know that you SHOULD be spending online. A wise person once told me that the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

If your the business owner crying about the lack of leads you have, slow business, or anything like that and you are not taking advantage of paid ads than you need to rethink your strategy. If your also the business owner crying about how your email strategy sucks, how the TV ads are not working and why your mailers aren’t bringing customers back while assuming that your “target” is not online you need to rethink your strategy.

Do not continue doing the same marketing over and over while expecting some new wave of clientele or leads to come in. If your social presence is not up to par and you are not running ads but you continue to disregard the power of paid ads I don’t know how to save you. I do wish you the best and hope that this article will inspire you enough to reach out to me or another acquaintance who understands how to run ads and maybe reconsider how you can leverage what’s cheap to win in the long run.

Skylar Lysaker

C.O.O of FG Marketing Co.

“Giving Brands The Digital Edge They Deserve”

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