Biz Tips: The Ideal Article Framework For An Article Published on Medium

Biz Tips: The Ideal Article Framework For An Article Published on Medium


The Ideal Article Framework For An Article Published on Medium

Learning this Framework helped me with every outline

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I’ve been doing a lot of research for how to properly structure an article for success on medium.

There are a number of different articles about tone and voice and structure but I wanted to write a quick post about framework.

I’ve been writing and learning to write on Medium for a month or two now. It’s been really amazing to see even just an incremental amount of success a.k.a. readers and fans

I’ve learned a lot and noticed that motivation and inspiration can be found literally everywhere but the challenge is making it realized in your own life.

Write conversationally

So, today I wanted to tell you about framework of an article and the key elements to make it successful here on Medium.

I’ve studied a lot of the top articles. I’ve read a lot from others and have gathered the simple framework for an article on Medium.

Framework versus structure

For me, the way I differentiate the two is structure is the ‘skimable’ aspects of an article.

Things like proper headlines and sub topics, plenty of white spaces, using quotes bullet points and so on. These aspects of structure really help Medium readers consume content.

Now, a quick note on framework. For me, framework will look different for everyone as they begin to find their own style that resonates with their readers.

Framework versus outline

I think most things in life need an outline (or some sort of guide). An outline helps keep me in order and on track. I don’t always write with an outline for articles but when it comes to a book outlines are essential.

For most articles, you can almost just ramble out an article into a conversational topic, that’s easy to consume.

So, what is framework?

Framework is like a stencil to an article that can be applied to just about any topic.

Is it starting to make sense?

Hopefully this will clear it up.

The four key elements of successful article framework

#1. The hook — the hook is the main talking point(s) stated in a way that will grab attention in the first part of the introduction.

#2. A real story — find a real world story that connects with the main topic. Be vulnerable if possible.

#3. Expand on the point— you’ll want to dig deeper into your main topic talking and use supporting sources (like other articles, resources, or quotes) and really dive into this main talking points that you started this article about.

#4. Closing — as you finish the points an story, you’ll want to wrap it all up with another connection that ties in the hook, talking point, story then bring it to a call to action. The call to action is most often the final aspect of your article and is usually the best time to get a reader to take action. Send them to afree lead magnet.

Where am I?

I am a firm believer in all the different aspects of Medium and its potential. I am eager to see where Medium will take me and others.

Using the proper structure, framework, and really bringing everything into action, I think that is nothing else besides success that will find me.

Currently, I am not leveraging the call to action aspect of closing out articles but I am on the path to that. I am leveraging my current strategy on Medium in order to find my focus and become a better writer.

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