Biz Tips: The Future of Augmented Reality Across Sectors [Infographic]

Biz Tips: The Future of Augmented Reality Across Sectors [Infographic]

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The Future of Augmented Reality Across Sectors [Infographic]

People use augmented reality (AR) everyday and many don’t even realize it. Where it’s an instagram filter, mobile games, and retail app that let you see how furniture or clothing will look before you buy, AR is becoming part of daily lives – and it’s big business.

The oldest and largest industry embracing AR and virtual reality (VR) is gaming, with revenues projected to reach $11.6 billion by 2025. But this is far from the only industry that can benefit from this technology. Other industries are finding applications for AR and VR that enhance customer experience and improve efficiency.

In medicine, AR Accuvein technology helps nurses locate veins to start an IV. This technology makes finding a vein on the first attempt 3.5 times more likely, saving nurses time and making a lot of patients more comfortable. For younger patients, doctors can use a new tablet game to measure a child’s ability to stay still for an MRI, allowing them to decide in advance whether a child will need anesthesia.

84% of global consumers are interested in AR/VR travel experiences, and the applications extend far beyond virtual travel. AR apps can help tourist find their way in strange cities, make recommendations for restaurants and sightseeing, and create personalized itineraries. Museums are offering AR experiences as well, with apps that add depth to exhibits or replace older technologies for self-guided tours.

In retail, AR is used to let consumers see how clothing will look without trying it on, or see how potential furniture purchases would look in their own home. These option increase consumer satisfaction with their shopping experience and reduces product returns. A huge 71% of shoppers would visit more often if AR were offered.

Don’t let your business be left behind, learn more about AR and VR in this infographic.

Infographic Source: Lumus

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