Biz Tips: The biggest mistake I made in 3 years of online business.

Biz Tips: The biggest mistake I made in 3 years of online business.


The biggest mistake I made in 3 years of online business.

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All the most successful influencers on social media have one thing in common…

They chose one platform (two at most) and posted consistently for years.

Nicolas Cole built a loyal following and a successful business by writing consistently on Quora and Medium.

Joe Wicks a.k.a. The Body Coach is the unrivaled king of online fitness in the United Kingdom, riding a wave of popularity and profitability created by years of consistent posting on YouTube and Instagram.

Gary Vaynerchuk, hustle master #1, posted a tonne of wine library videos on YouTube, beginning the development of one of the most recognised personal brands in the business and marketing industry.

Three very successful people leveraging different platforms to achieve their goals.

I contrast, when I started my business over 3 years ago, I thought I had to be everywhere.



Google +







My fingers hurt just typing the list!

The big mistake.

The problem with trying to be everywhere is trying to get good at being everywhere. That’s like trying to climb Everest and Kilimanjaro at the same time. One step towards the peak of one takes you a step further away from the peak of the other. After months of hard work you’re no closer to either peak… you’re still bobbing about in the Indian Ocean.

It’s clear the platform doesn’t matter.

What matters is you choose the platform that’s right for you, and work at it every damn day.

So pick your preferred platform, post content, document your journey and improve your craft.. Do that every damn day for as long as it takes, and eventually, you’ll find your name on the list of *stars* people try to emulate.

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