Biz Tips: The Best Way To Re-Engage With Your Customers For Free

Biz Tips: The Best Way To Re-Engage With Your Customers For Free


The Best Way To Re-Engage With Your Customers For Free

The 9 Words Email That Will Bring People Back To Your Doors

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Marketing isn’t supposed to hard. Most people see marketing as an expense and it truly can be an expense when done poorly. When you do marketing the right way, marketing becomes an investment.

That being said there are still a lot of small businesses that don’t value their clients and do a bad job treating customers. They don’t have sales people with good attitude and doing business with them always leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. I hope you really have a good attitude regarding your customers and you are not part of these businesses that sooner or later are going to fail and will have to close their doors.

Positive thinking will only get you so far, you need to have the tactics and strategies and apply them. — Joe Polish

Another problem small biz owners have is not building an email list with prospects and customers. Online and offline, having a list of people can help you promote your business easier and make marketing an investment for you.

Today I went to a flower shop with my girlfriend. On Friday we are going to get to a party and she needs a flower bouquet. We spent almost 30 minutes choosing the flowers and ordering them. All these time the saleswoman was looking at us as we were interrupting her and she was responding to our questions with a very bad attitude. We ordered 30$ worth of flowers and promised ourselves not to come back to that shop ever again.

I don’t want you to be in the shoes of that flower business. If you start by creating an outstanding experience for your customers, you are going to make them your fans and they are going to recommend you to their friends.

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Now let’s focus on the 9 words email that will re-activate your previous customers. These apply only if you have a list of prospects or customers who previously gave you their name and email address in order to receive a free gift from you.

We are going to start with the title of the email. Here we will have just one or two words: your prospects or client name. Why should you do that? Because our name is the most important word for us. If you are in a crowd of 100 people and someone says your name, you are instantly going to look in the direction of the person that said it. Email has become so crowded these days that each of us receives more than 10–30 emails every day. This make our job much harder. People are sorting email like our mothers used to sort mail when we were small. If it doesn’t have a good title or isn’t from someone we know it goes to recycle bin. Because of that, many emails get sent directly to trash without even being read. When you do this, the person who is receiving your email will be intrigued and will open the email.

Inside the email we are only going to write a short phrase: “Are you still interesting in…” This sounds like a friendly email and is going to make your client answer with a simple “Yes” or “No”. Here are some examples for different businesses:

  • Are you still interesting in buying a house in Bay Area?
  • Are you still interesting in losing weight?
  • Are you still interesting in making your teeth whiter?
  • Are you still interesting in grooming your dog?
  • Are you still interesting in buying a cake?
  • Are you still interesting in getting your clothes to wash?
  • Are you still interesting in looking sharp in a new costume?

The variation here is endless. You can adapt this short email to every business. Is very easy to create it and you will discover that this has a very good response rate.

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After the customer or the prospect sends you an email back with a no or a yes answer you can start a conversation. In your second email, you should thank the person for responding and then start a conversation if he answered “Yes” or end the conversation with offering him a free gift or a coupon to your business if he answered “No” because he took time to send you an email back. When you continue the conversation with the people that are still interested you will ask questions and discover if your product or services are a good fit for that person. Try to keep the conversation casual. Think of it like a conversation you have with a friend at a Starbucks line, while waiting for your coffee. If you decide they are you are just going to ask more questions and give him an opportunity to buy from your business.

When people answer “Yes” look for opportunities to create value. Don’t just immediately start selling. People hate aggressive salespeople and if you act like one they are going to ignore you and don’t respond to your emails at all.

A compelling offer is ten times more powerful than a convincing argument. — Dean Jackson

If you get the other person to express exactly what they want is going to be very easy for you to fulfill that desire and at the same time get what you want — more sales. Many people here think that this message is too short or too simple. Before you try modifying it try to do it like this and see what results you get. Having a short and simple message, to the point can be very effective in attracting the people you want to work with. A long and flowery marketing message will be more spammy and people hate that.

This kind of emails can work every time you have a customer that is on your list, but the most effective, if you are building a list, is to have this message the second day the person opted into your list.

Every five-star client starts with an engagement. — Joe Polish

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