Biz Tips: The Art Of Pitching To An Influencer

Biz Tips: The Art Of Pitching To An Influencer


The Art Of Pitching To An Influencer

Influencer marketing may be profitable, but it also comes with a few challenges of its own. One of those challenges involves attracting and engaging potential influencers. In fact, this was the biggest challenge I experienced when I first started dabbling with influencer marketing. It was hard to get them to open my emails and respond to my messages.

But over the few months that followed, I conducted tons of experiments and reached out to hundreds of influencers on behalf of my clients. These experiments helped me master the art of pitching influencers and convincing them to work on campaigns for my clients.

After I identify the right influencers for a campaign, here are the basic steps I follow to successfully pitch influencers:

1. Take some time to get to know them.

Although you may feel compelled to immediately reach out to potential influencers after you’ve identified them, that’s not a good idea. Instead, you should take the time to study them carefully. This involves observing their behavior, language and activity, as well as learning more about their work. This will help you understand their values, interests and personality so you can get a better idea of how to approach them.

What kind of language should you use? Which channel would be most effective for connecting with them? Which benefits should you highlight to make your offer more compelling?

Plus, you’ll also get a better idea of how well they would fit into your campaign. Do they engage with their fans often? How well can they drive conversations around products and brands? Do they seem to have the kind of values and voice that would help your marketing efforts? All of these observations will help you further narrow down your list of potential influencers.

2. Craft a compelling offer.

The next step involves crafting a compelling offer based on factors such as what you’ve learned about the influencer, your campaign budget, and your campaign requirements. While it may be a bit more time-consuming, it would be a good idea to personalize the offer for each influencer. This will help you avoid overcompensating some influencers and low-balling top performing influencers.

Instead, you’ll be making an offer that fits the exact potential of each influencer in terms of reach, engagement and content quality. Craft each offer in a way that the respective influencer will find compelling.

For example, it’s obvious that all the potential influencers would be motivated by the financial aspect of your offer. So while you highlight this, you can differentiate the offer according to the interests and values of individual influencers.

Let’s say that you’re reaching out to an influencer who has shown a passion for saving the environment. In this case, you can highlight some relevant aspects of your business or product in your offer.

Maybe you can talk about how your brand donates a dollar from every purchase towards cleaning up the ocean. And you can highlight how their partnership with you can help save more sea life.

3. Begin your outreach.

Once you have sufficient information about your potential influencers and you’ve crafted the perfect offers for them, you can start your outreach. You can do this either through email or through direct messages on social media platforms.

It’s not easy to craft the perfect outreach email and negotiate with influencers, especially since you have to focus your energy on other aspects of your operations. Luckily, many influencer marketing platforms come with the option to automate the outreach process and customize existing outreach templates.

With more companies and media publishers working with stacks of influencers, it’s important that your outreach is efficient and distinguishable from the rest of the competition.

To do so, start with a list of influencers who share your brand’s values and, more importantly, can reach your target audience. Platforms like BuzzStream and Reelio take hours off the influencer discovery process with technology that quickly finds influencers who speak to your target audience. You can use a number of search filters and resources to help you tailor your outreach to them.

But if you’re going to do a manual outreach, here’s how your message or email should ideally go:

• Start with an appreciation or recognition of their work. If they have recently received awards or recognitions, congratulate them for that.

• Introduce yourself and the brand you represent in a couple of lines. Get straight to the point with the name and a short description of what you sell.

• In no longer than two sentences, tell them why you’ve reached out to them and why you’ve chosen them. Perhaps it’s because of the way they genuinely interact with their audience or even because of their content quality.

• Talk about the campaign and the offer. Describe your campaign by highlighting the main goal, whether it’s to drive more sales or to promote a new product. And then you can make your offer, highlighting the biggest benefits of working on the campaign.

• End with an offer to talk to them about the specifics if they’re interested. Or you can offer to share a document or link with them where they can access more detailed campaign information.

Use platforms like OutreachPlus or Pitchbox, to personalize your influencer outreach emails. These tools let you customize existing email templates for each influencer. You can also monitor the responses you get to keep track of whom you’ve reached out to and what’s working.

The previously-mentioned Reelio platform also comes with an email management feature. So you can smoothly manage and monitor the emails you send out to creators.

Final Thoughts

These are the three initial steps that are essential for pitching influencers if you wish to successfully get them on board. You need to know your influencers better then use that information to approach them with an offer they can’t refuse. Follow these steps carefully and you’ll be on your way to executing a profitable influencer marketing campaign.

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