Biz Tips: The 5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Business’ Annual Profit-Making Marketing Plan

Biz Tips: The 5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Business’ Annual Profit-Making Marketing Plan


The 5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Business’ Annual Profit-Making Marketing Plan

Tired of wasting your time and effort on a marketing plan that doesn’t work?

Sometimes success is just a great blog post away

Do you often feel stumped about what to post in order to connect with clients? Not seeing a return on all the hours you spend on writing blog posts and posting on social media?

Start with the end in mind: decide what, how and when you’ll be selling

The first step in developing any profitable marketing plan is determining how you’re going to make money in your business. You must know this first before you start spending your time, money and effort developing and publishing content because what you sell will determine what kind of content you create.

Sell programs, not services.

Programs equal profit. Why? Because a program (or course) is your systemized way for how you help people get the transformation they desire and people have confidence in systems, so they’re more willing to buy and buy at higher prices.

Hot tip: Use urgency to sell more

People respond to scarcity, whether it’s a limitation of time, quantity or access to something special. Using deadlines or selling via limited-time launches are highly effective strategies because they create a strong sense of urgency to act now.

For instance, did you know that 80% of sales are made on the last day something is available? People often wait until the last minute to make a decision and it’s the pressure of the approaching deadline that finally gets people off the fence.

Create your sales and promotion schedule

After you’ve decided what profit-generators are going to be and how you’ll be selling them, you need to map it all out on a calendar. You should aim to have at least one big promotion once a quarter, even (and especially) if your program, product or service is evergreen (meaning it’s available year-round). Not having a specific sales and promotion plan in place before deciding what content to create and post will only waste a lot of effort on your part.

Kick writer’s block to the curb

When creating a marketing plan, you may get that sinking feeling while staring at a big blank piece of paper and think, “Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to post. I’m out of ideas.” If you’ve already completed part 1, then using monthly themes are going to help you organize your thoughts and get your creative juices flowing.

Organize your content plan using monthly themes

Once you’ve listed out the main topics that make sense, you can then start laying out each month’s topics in a way that logically leads into your program, product or service. You’re essentially creating a content path for your audience to follow that positions what you’re selling as the natural next step for them.

One great place to start is with the problems your dream clients are struggling with and the kind of solutions they’re looking for.

I’ll give you an example. Say your monthly theme is “how to get more clients” and one of the big problems your ideal clients face is how to market online effectively. You could talk about how to create a content marketing plan. You could talk about social media strategies and you could even get more granular by talking about specific social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for example. You can get even more specific by talking about the strategies for each of those platforms. For example, with Pinterest you can talk about pinning strategies, looping, and group boards.

Organize your ideas into a logical sequence that leads to the pay day

Once you have all of your topics mapped out, you have to organize them into a logical sequence that makes sense for your dream clients to follow, but also which really support the sale or the promotion of your program, product or service.

Here are some steps to improve your business visibility.

Step #1: Make use of video

Video is the number one tool for creating connection with your audience. It builds rapport, creates trust, and familiarizes your clients with your brand and look. Through video, they can then decide whether or not they like you.

Step #2: Use ManyChat

Another tool I want to share with you is called ManyChat which is like an automatic virtual assistant robot that you could setup to help automate certain responses when people contact you through Facebook Messenger or respond to a video here.

Step #3: Convert your content into different formats

There are so many ways you can repurpose your video content that makes it super easy to have content that people like to consume without having to do a lot more work.

Step #4: Market where your audience is

If you’re at the place where you think that’s just too much to handle, get a feel of how your audience wants to consume your content. Think of a way to deliver your content in a way that your audience likes.

Step #5: Make visibility your responsibility

Make a commitment to get visible. That can be the biggest thing that stops you in having a profitable business and having a marketing plan that’s profitable — is that you’re afraid to be visible.

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1. How do you go about your profit-making marketing plan?

2. What tools do you use for your marketing strategies?

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