Biz Tips: Technographics: Legacy vs. Behavioral

Biz Tips: Technographics: Legacy vs. Behavioral

Biz Tip:

Technographics: Legacy vs. Behavioral

There are two approaches to determine technology in-use behind the firewall at a company: legacy and behavioral technographics. However, these approaches differ dramatically in terms of data sources and data breadth / depth.

Data Sources:

  • Legacy

    • The main source of data are company job postings which request familiarity or skills in a number of technologies. If a technology is listed, it is assumed to be in use at that company. If a technology has not been seen on a job description for a year or so, then it is assumed not to be in use.
  • Behavioral

    • Sources in-use technology data from user communities. Companies are identified to be using a given technology when actual users are engaged in communities for that technology.

Data Breadth/Depth:

  • Legacy

    • This data capture approach lends itself to a mile-wide and inch deep view of technology in-use. A broad range of technologies can be identified this way, but the depth is limited to a yes / no on usage and the last date of evidence seen to support the usage identification.
  • Behavioral

    • This data capture approach lends itself to an inch-wide and a mile deep — the opposite of the legacy approach. Technology in-use can be characterized by breadth of usage, pains and priorities, and location.

When making a decision on technographic data, it is important to know which type is the best fit for your needs. Generally, if you are a technology vendor, then behavioral technographics is a better fit. If you are a consulting firm, agency, or reseller — legacy technographics is better aligned to your needs.

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