Biz Tips: Stop Blogging

Biz Tips: Stop Blogging


Stop Blogging

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I’m telling you to stop.

Stop it right now.

It’s killing your business.

It’s a TOTAL timesuck.

And, to be honest, nobody cares about it.

Because nobody cares about you.

There. I said it.

Nobody gives two waterlogged matchsticks about your company’s blog.

You might think I’m being harsh, but I have my responsibilities, you see.

You already left the runway and I need to ensure you don’t have a crash landing.

Not because I care about you.

(I already told you I don’t.)

But because if you continue on your current trajectory, then your plane is going to Wicked Witch of the East that new housing development a few miles down the road and I have property interests over there.

But I would never tell you to stop producing.

Keep making things. Definitely. Full speed ahead.

But for the love of Barbara Streisand STOP BLOGGING.

Here’s what to do instead.


That’s it.

Your customer doesn’t want your monster-of-the-week blog posts.

Give them an epic.

Solve their problem.

But don’t blog.

Don’t publish just to tick off a box.

I showed up this week, Mom!

Nuh-nuh no.

That’s how you become average.

Say no to average.

If you have something truly excellent to share…

Something that can truly change the culture —

Then you need to Get Better.

Create something specific.


→ Who is this for?
→ (Is it for my target customer?)
→ Am I sure that they struggle with this very small, very specific problem?
→ (Do I know that because they told me?)
→ Is this relevant to the culture I want to create?
→ Will this help my ideal customer believe something they need to in order to get what they want?

If the answer is HELL YEAH to each and every one of those questions, then make the thing.

Then and only then.

Show up when there’s something worth saying.

(Spoiler: you should try for every week.)

Otherwise, you’re spamming people.

You’re wasting their time.

Losing their trust.

Creating a culture of checked-out cadets.

Not a small army.

Not an empire.

Not a revolution.

Serve your people first. Solve their problems.

And one more thing.

You’re not a blogger.

You’re a businessperson.

So start acting like it.

Fly your plane straight and true. No crash landings here.

Stop blogging.

Start marketing.

Jake Ballinger helps heart-centered and socially conscious entrepreneurs craft content that converts, change the culture, and build their own tiny army of drag queens. Follow him at

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