Biz Tips: Stand Out with These 4 Visual Content Tools

Biz Tips: Stand Out with These 4 Visual Content Tools

Biz Tip:

Stand Out with These 4 Visual Content Tools

Today I have some image resources to help you improve your brand marketing.

Finding high quality visuals for your blog and social media is important for both paid and organic content. Businesses can take advantage of free and low cost image resources that include hundreds of professional photos and videos. Would you like to access the best images for your campaigns? Take advantage of these resources, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Visual and audio content – Depositphotos

Download professional quality video, photos and music from this royalty-free resource, which offers both free and paid options. Depositphotos has a large collection to choose from from top quality photographers, musicians and videographers. Whether you are using these to create a new video, blog post, or social media content this resource offers everything that you need for your brand marketing.

2) No copyright restrictions – Gratisography

Top quality, free digital images are easily accessible with this graphics website. Gratisography provides photos for both commercial and personal use with stunning quality and no copyright restrictions. Images are in high resolution and include unique, creative content to choose from such as people, animals, and business content.

3) Product images – Square Photo Studio

Get amazing eCommerce images that can help you sell more products. Square Photo Studio makes it simple to provide eye-catching photos alongside your items without the need to hire a professional photographer. Simply ship your product(s) and in return you will receive three shots at different angles, with the option of add a 360 degree image. The company also offers a photo editing app for iOS so that your online store can sell anywhere online.

4) Graphic design resources – Brand Colors

Access a large collection of branding colors online. Brand Colors offers a long list of the most famous brands like Adobe, Amazon, Cheddar, and more. Use these palettes to develop your own unique theme as it relates to the niche that fits your business model the most. Simply copy the hex code and use this in your favorite graphic design program.

Hopefully you will find these stock image resources useful to your visual content marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.

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