Biz Tips: Speaking Human in a World Full of Robots

Biz Tips: Speaking Human in a World Full of Robots

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Speaking Human in a World Full of Robots

Speaking human in a world full of robots is a rare skill

In today’s modern world of business, there is an ad every 5 minutes telling you that you can automate your entire customer journey in some shape or form. You are offered on a daily basis a bottomless pit of integrations to choose from with AI making leaps and bounds. So it is understandable that if you are a little old school in your approach, that you are perhaps currently all at sea or at best slightly overwhelmed.

There is light at the end of what feels like a never-ending virtual tunnel or funnel if we are using the correct vernacular. Those of us that can still connect and converse in real life are going to stand out. That said, we have to do it well and have clarity around purpose and process.

In a world where people are increasingly unseen and unheard, it doesn’t take a lot to make someone feel important.

So if we don’t understand the marketing automation secrets and we haven’t downloaded the guide of the week, how do we build relationships in the online space effectively?

Here is my thoughts for what they are worth, and to be fair, they have successfully built me three businesses to date and soon to start on the fourth.

Put the relationship ahead of the sale.

In real life, this is a no brainer, after all, the most successful people we meet have seriously powerful networks. They connect people to people for mutual benefit without it seems much thought or concern about what’s in it for them. The same works online! Spend time getting to know the people in your digital networks, look for ways to help them and solve their problems that don’t involve a slick elevator pitch and a two page sales message from you on how you are going to solve all their problems with your product or service.

Be selective and have an opinion on what you post or share.

The digital world is full of white noise, and we are all tired of it. If you are going to share an article or post something, also share why you bothered. What’s interesting about it? Why does it deserve 5 minutes of my time? The age-old WIFFM principle applies; in other words, tell me what’s in it for me and then reap the rewards for having spent more than 5 seconds curating content and cannibalizing the first sentence of a blog.

Do not be the serial “Congrats” person

It’s great that LinkedIn tells you when everyone’s work anniversaries are and how quickly they are climbing the corporate ladder, but that’s not your cue to go with the pre-populated automated message. Instead, why not just spend 5 minutes and remind yourself why you bothered to connect to this person in the first place. Business dating is no different to Tinder, go stalk their profile and come up with more than four words no one really wants to hear “congrats on your anniversary” and instead go with “4 years, what’s been the best part of this year for you?” or something that starts a conversation.

Follow through and follow up

If you are lucky enough to have made it past comments and likes then make sure you are one of the rare individuals on the planet that delivers on their word and does what they said they would when they said they would do it.

If you can manage all of the above you are on your way to practising being a human in a way that matters and ultimately has people coming to you not because you are selling to them but because you are making a difference in their world and in others. Just my thoughts for the day.

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