Biz Tips: So, You Think Your Industry is Too Boring to Blog About?

Biz Tips: So, You Think Your Industry is Too Boring to Blog About?


So, You Think Your Industry is Too Boring to Blog About?

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“Why would anyone be interested in reading about my business?”

This is something I hear a lot from businesses that sell typically ‘boring’ products or services. From estate agents, to accountants, to companies that produce cleaning supplies; they don’t bother with content marketing and blogging because they just don’t think it will work.

But, every business has something to offer. Every business has something of value that they can share online. You just have to consider how you’re going to do it.

If it’s helpful, it’s not boring

Whether you’re an accountant writing articles about how to file your taxes correctly or an estate agent offering tips on how to renegotiate the price of a house, the people you help aren’t going to find you boring at all.

When someone types a question into Google (e.g. how do I file my taxes?), you want to be waiting in the search results with the answer.

And, if you do help someone out, they’re likely to share your article with others.

Be friendly and open

A mistake that marketers within these industries make is to use a professional, stiff voice throughout their content, just because it feels like the two go hand-in-hand.

“Well, I’m a lawyer. No one finds that very exciting so I shouldn’t try to be.”

One way to break away from the restraints of a ‘boring’ industry is to use blogging as a chance to show your personable side. You might sell mops (or whatever it is) but you are a human being and you are just as interesting as a human selling sky diving packages.

My #1 tip is to use personal examples as and when you can. Stories from the office and from past experiences will not only make you seem approachable but will also be much more interesting to read than just telling people what they need to know and leaving it at that.

Explain everything in a way everyone understands

When explaining something, do it as you would if you were face-to-face with someone who knows absolutely nothing about your industry.

Avoid using industry buzzwords and technical language that those not in-the-know may not understand. You want your writing to be accessible and easy to understand.

This doesn’t mean being patronising…you just have to understand that people outside your industry aren’t going to follow an explanation that is clearly intended for someone who does know the industry.

When I explain the ins and outs of social media marketing to someone who’s already told me that they “tried using the internet once and didn’t like it” (true story), I start with the very basics: what is social media?

We all know that we have to start with the basics when talking to beginners, so we need to do that in our writing too.

Use analogies and examples wherever you can and break the complex stuff down into short paragraphs and step-by-step guides.

If you can answer someone’s question in a really simple way, you’ll win a lot of fans.

Use short sentences

Making concepts simple to understand and using short, snappy sentences go hand-in-hand.

The article won’t look boring and it won’t read as boring either. Long, wordy sentences, on the other hand, will make a complex or dull topic even harder to follow.

Don’t give readers a reason to stop reading.

Include different forms of content

Infographics are excellent for displaying data and information in an easily digestible way.

Videos can help to liven up a topic or break up a lengthy article about something particularly complex.

Interviews show you’re well connected within your industry and that you’re keeping up-to-date on trends and competitor movements.

Different forms of content have different uses. They can and should be brought in when your content needs ‘something else’ (the marketer’s equivalent of ‘it needs more salt’). Because some topics are just boring!

As long as there’s a connection, you can write about it

You don’t have to stick strictly to your niche. If there’s relevance, it’s fair game.

For example, an estate agent doesn’t have to just go on about buying and selling houses all the time. They can also explore the more exciting topic of home décor and fun things to do in their local area.

It’s likely that someone who is looking for information on buying a house will also need to furnish that house once they have bought it, no? Even if they don’t need that information now, a blog that has varied articles will probably be bookmarked.

Even if I haven’t convinced you at this point, blogging isn’t going to do any harm…so give it a go anyway.

Don’t let consumers get away with thinking your industry is boring. Get defensive and passionately dispel their misconceptions! Show them why you’re in this industry and tell them things they don’t know!

If you care enough about it, that will shine through and it will be an interesting read. And if you still don’t think your business could do it, get in touch with me and I’ll prove you wrong.

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