Biz Tips: Snapchat Finally Fixed Their Terrible Update (Kinda)

Biz Tips: Snapchat Finally Fixed Their Terrible Update (Kinda)


Snapchat Finally Fixed Their Terrible Update (Kinda)

A few days ago I opened Snapchat and immediately noticed something different about it.

Stories and conversations weren’t compiled on the same list anymore!

It was a welcoming sight. I had a previous post about the update where Snapchat completely changed the design (which I was not a fan of — read it here).

I wasn’t alone when it came to the redesign either. Countless people voiced their disappointment with the redesign — and for good reason.

The redesign was meant to make it easier to navigate because it was not considered “user-friendly” before.

One could argue that the redesign made it less user-friendly. I for one, believe this.

This new update is a step in the right direction though. Now users are able to navigate more easily than they did with the previous update. When you open the app it still brings you to the camera, when you swipe right you still see all the influencers you follow along with ads, and finally, when you swipe left, stories and chats are no longer combined — making it a lot easier to navigate.

There are 3 separate categories that read chats, stories, and groups. The best news of all is that stories are finally back in chronological order! No more going through your chats scouring to find the stories you want to see.

This new update feels a lot like the old Snapchat — but it’s not quite there yet.

Snapchat in all likelihood will never go back to the old layout. They have to implement ads in order to make money. The old layout was not ad friendly. While the new one is definitely more ad-friendly.


You were able to create groups well before this update, but now users have the opportunity to video chat live with up to 32 friends. This is a cool feature. It’s a move in the right direction in terms of trying to compete with Instagram and Facebook.

Both of those platforms have a prominent live feature. And if Snapchat can make a dent in that, then that could be huge for the future Snapchat.

What sets Snapchat’s live feature apart from Instagram and Facebook is the fact that you can go live with up to 32 friends. Instagram and Facebook cannot say the same, even though they have a much greater user base.


Snapchat very well may be heading in the right direction after this latest update. I wouldn’t be opposed to the layout staying like this for the rest of time, but we all know that won’t happen. As of right now, Facebook and Instagram might have a little competition on the horizon.But just like with everything, we have to adjust to the forever changing landscape that is social media.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts so comment below!

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