Biz Tips: Smithsonian Institute Offering $5 ‘Apology Discounts’ To African-Americans At Museums Is Satire

Biz Tips: Smithsonian Institute Offering $5 ‘Apology Discounts’ To African-Americans At Museums Is Satire

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Smithsonian Institute Offering $5 ‘Apology Discounts’ To African-Americans At Museums Is Satire

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The Smithsonian Institute’s museums now offering $5 “apology discounts” to African-Americans is satirical news. There is no truth to a report that African-Americans would be receiving this discount as a means of apology from Smithsonian Museums. The reason is simple: Smithsonian Museums are free to the public. So, there is obviously no way to provide a discount on free admission.

Where did this satirical news originate? Daily World Update published the satirical news article on March 16, 2018, reporting that The Smithsonian Institute is giving $5 discounts to serve as an apology to African-Americans for the years of suffering in this country from the slavery. You can read the satirical news article below.

The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC is the 2nd largest museum complex in the world next to The Hermitage in St. Petersburgh. For over 300 years, the Smithsonian has graced our national mall and helped to make DC the exciting tourist town it is today.

Now, on the anniversary of the addition of the African Arts Museum, the non-profit has announced that it will give a “$5 discount” to all people of African-American origin. Since admission to the museum is free, the “voluntary reparation” will be handed out in the form of a gift card good for use at any of the museum’s gift shops or cafeterias.

Smithsonian spokesman Art Tubolls says the gift cards are the company’s way of apologizing to black people for the horrors of slavery and the ensuing 150 years of institutional racism:

“We want all of our black customers to know that we understand the path of the black man since he was first taken from his home, and it is unacceptyable. We offer a trinket or a plate of chicken nuggets not merely as an apology but as a symbol for a new tomorrow.”

However, the above story is simply satire. Smithsonian’s website states that admission is free for all Smithsonian museums and the zoo in Washington, D.C., and the American Indian Museum’s George Gustav Heye Center in New York. Tickets are not used for general admission with the exception of the African American History and Culture Museum; visit the museum’s website for details.

The above story also contains mistakes such as the misspelling of “St. Petersburgh” when it is St. Petersburg. Additionally, the Smithsonian has not been around for over 300 years but rather 171 years as it was established on Aug. 10, 1846 “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” The Smithsonian is a group of museums and research centers administered by the U.S. government.

Finally, and most importantly, Daily World Update carries the following disclaimer:

The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

What did you think of the satirical news article that the Smithsonian is now offering $5 “apology discounts” at its museums to African-Americans? Did you believe the satirical news article or see people sharing it falsely on social media? Let us know in the comments section.

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