Biz Tips: Small Businesses Must Create Content to Survive!

Biz Tips: Small Businesses Must Create Content to Survive!


Small Businesses Must Create Content to Survive!

Tell your story or your clients will!

As small business owners we think we live or die by the word of mouth advertising that our customers give us. This approach nowadays is not the best way to build or protect your brand. Frankly, it never was. There should be many more successful businesses in this country and there are not because of this one thing.

A lack of Content and Storytelling!!

If you speak with a business owner they will give you a great story about why and how they came to be. They can wow you with the level of knowledge they have in their subject area. And they have some really innovative ideas that would make their customers lives easier. So why do they keep it to themselves?

They think they are the only ones!

Many companies think they are the only ones using their approach. This is rarely the case. Most businesses are vanilla. They perform plumbing, or they are a corner store, or they are a small family dry cleaner. They perform basic functions. But!!! What attracts and keeps customers is the content that makes their lives easier.

Does your small business use YouTube, Blogs, and Apps to share tips and learning with your client base? No? You are now competing on price and that is a losing game and unneeded if you bring value. If a person has a problem where do you think they go first. YouTube. Guess where next? Google. Guess where your knowledge isn’t! You can’t give money away like that to your competition.

For example as a dry cleaner you could have a YouTube channel that focuses on general laundry. Your clients can learn how to get better performance and YOU create the funnels where you can add value. A blog enables for a dialogue with your clients. It enables them to tell you the business owner what they need and it enables you to get critical learning into their hands.

But what about trade secrets?

Unless you are engaged in new technology, the chances that you have a true trade secret is next to zero. And if you do…why haven’t you protected it with a trademark? If someone thinks they can do it equal or better great the more competition the better. But if you are are the expert and you share your knowledge to prove it AND you execute on that value premise in your daily operations…what are you afraid of?

Hiding is not and never really has been a winning strategy for small businesses. We live in a society where knowledge is power, currency, and growth potential all in one. It’s time move from transactional to relational client systems to stay ahead of the curve.

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