Biz Tips: SEO-Boosting Tips for Earning More Quality Backlinks

Biz Tips: SEO-Boosting Tips for Earning More Quality Backlinks


SEO-Boosting Tips for Earning More Quality Backlinks

Backlinks have long been considered a mainstay of successful and strategic SEO campaigns. While it is as simple as linking one website to another website, there is a great deal of behind the scenes efforts needed for getting this right.

Let’s check out how quality backlinks go a long way in driving qualified site traffic and improve your brand’s domain authority.

Know What A Backlink Is, and How It Would Help Your Site

Before you go ahead aiming to harness the immense power of backlinks to better your site rankings, there are things you would want to know about it.

A backlink essentially is a hyperlink pointing from one website to another. It is a link embedded on a relevant site, that is willing to direct some of its traffic to your site because it considers your services to be worthy of its standard.

It is like a clothing brand that speaks about the best winter attires and sneakily backlinking your website (which, for example’s sake, could be a shoe brand).

How Does It Help Your Site?

Consider — for metaphorical purposes only — a backlink to be a virtual sort of word-of-mouth from a trusted website online. When your website’s link exists on a pre-established biggie online, Google raises a brow at your site’s credibility and rewards your site with a better ranking.

You would then wonder “the more backlinks I procure the better it is, right?”

Not really. The number of backlinks is not all that important, it is the quality of the backlink that matters the most.

The idea behind successful backlinking is simple: having a wider variety of top-notch sites with amazing domain authority, linking back to yours.

How Do You Go About Earning Quality Backlinks?

Now that you have understood the purpose and the benefits of quality backlinks, let’s walk (more like “Cakewalk”) you down the business.

Working on these effective tips will help you garner high-quality links from high-ranking sites.

Sooner than you notice, your site would be ranking better, without you really having to break your head over getting your SEO right!

  1. Create Content That Is Intriguing

Yeah, we know. This is the most repeated piece of advice there is on the internet. That you must have read this like a million times is no real surprise. However, in our defense, how many real ways are there to call an apple an apple?

When you are focusing on really effective SEO, you’ve got to account valuable content, and there simply is no escape from that.

You got to offer, through your content, something that isn’t there already. We cannot possibly fuel your creativity, but we can give you some tips for that.

  • Break monotony using Infographics: Visual media is more appealing, and breaks the monotony of text.

Opt for it whenever you have a dry piece of statistics and bland information to offer. Studies show that colorful visuals enhanced a person’s will to read a piece by a staggering 80%.

  • Mention Influencers: The smarter way to work around this is to use the fan base of someone who already has hit it big on social media.

When you rope in an influencer or an online expert for an interview or merely an expert article, your site gains credibility and more traffic.

  • Interactive and Engaging Content: Nobody would only like to read just dry text and nothing else.

Fun the whole thing up by throwing in videos relevant to the point you are making in your article, quizzes, slideshares, some interactive PDFs. According to the Demand Gen Report, people 90% of people appreciate well-structured interactive content.

  • Post Content Regularly: You not just have to greedily think about increasing reader-base on your site, but maintaining your followers is also vital. Your followers would want fresh content time and again.

Hence, you got to make sure you feed the beast often.
Regularly updated pages have thousands of backlinks from hundreds of well-ranked sites because readers keep coming back for more.

2. Participate In Collaborative Content Marketing

Collaborative efforts always yield fruit. Why should you let go of something that offers you guaranteed returns? Collaborative content marketing gives you a bigger platform to work with, with increased outreach.

Not only would these collaborations save you time and efforts, but it will also earn you the right amount of backlinks that you would need to rank well. Another benefit of collaborative content is gaining the ability to driving traffic organically.

3. Fix Broken Links

One of the simplest, and yet often overlooked way of gaining backlinks is to offer to fix the broken ones.

It is like you fixing up something of someone important, and sooner or later they would oblige you with favour in return.
How you go about this is, you find broken links on relevant industry pages, which influences a high domain authority.

If you do find a broken link, contact the site and offer a relevant link to your own content as a replacement. To make matters easier for you, you can also use tools like Dead Link Checker, which scans websites for broken links.
This is seemingly a win-win situation and works out wonders for your site.

4. Pitch for Backlinking Opportunities

Politeness never goes out of fashion. In the past few years, sites randomly mail companies and publications asking if they are willing to share backlinks.

A better and lucid approach to this, with a higher rate of success, is to ask for it through a well-formed and thoroughly researched pitch. This would show editors that you are worthy of being given a backlink opportunity, or even better you could just bag a guest blog spot if your pitch hits the home run.

To Wrap This Up

You have been diligently looking into effective SEO strategies for far too long, without any tangible rewards. And that is as real a possibility as any. But we’re here to tell you that it is absolutely okay.

Your efforts haven’t gone to waste, as experience is an invaluable thing.

Though the process may be simple, it may not be all that easy. Persistence is the key to success, and we would not intend to get preachy like that.

The above-mentioned strategies are effective and are guaranteed to bless your site with rewards you deserve — which, in this case, are better SEO rankings through better backlinks.

Parting notes to you would be: don’t go chasing backlink numbers. Aim for better quality links on high ranked websites, and the results may surprise but never disappoint you.

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