Biz Tips: Seeing Your Content Marketing in 20/20

Biz Tips: Seeing Your Content Marketing in 20/20

Biz Tip:

Seeing Your Content Marketing in 20/20

Content Marketing 2020

At the start of a new year, you should be looking at your company brand, image, and marketing strategies from the last 12 months. What worked, what didn’t, and where can you go to kick-off the roaring 20s?

Trends are always shifting in the digital era, meaning the way you market will also need to evolve. But that doesn’t mean you need to scrap all your hard work.

Whether you are a law firm, upscale restaurant or medical equipment company, we can all learn a thing or two from our past so we can rise above the competition in the (near) future.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

We know that content writing matters.
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That visitors to our websites and social media channels want to see new, fresh content often.

But when we have a blog post, for example, that is stellar– how can we keep the momentum going?

Reusing isn’t just a recycling tactic. When you create content that thrives on your website, repurpose that post across your other platforms–like social media and YouTube. By giving that content a new form, a new life, your audience is getting the information in a variety of formats, allowing them to process that information in a way that suits their needs.

The biggest mistake bloggers make is just writing the same topic over and over again without adding depth or a new spin.
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If you want to reuse a topic, the best way to see results is by reformatting it across channels.

Know and Nurture Your Strategy – Content Marketing

It’s not enough to have a content marketing strategy. Writing a few blogs, posting a few Insta stories and bam! Internet success.

Sorry, Charlie. Not going to happen.

Remember, if part of your strategy is campaign oriented, when that campaign ends, it doesn’t mean the job is done. You may have had results during the campaign, but that won’t last forever. That’s why you need to continue to grow and nurture your content marketing strategy.

And part of that TLC you should be showing your marketing is in knowing your audience. As you tune into your audience’s needs and wants, you’ll be able to grow your base. But once you’ve reached a targeted, loyal audience, you need to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to your content.

Your audience comes to you for a specific topic or level of expertise. Don’t let them down with shawty work. Because the bottom line is this: We know when we’re doing too much. And your audience will, too.

Authenticity With Your Content Marketing Strategy

“There’s a word I really hate. It’s a phony. I could puke every time I hear it.” I’m with Holden Caulfield on this one.

For many of us in the marketing world, the fear of phony is real. With so much stress on going viral and not on relationships, so much content seems fake. Forced. Naturally, that’s not good.

The focus of your content should be clear and authentic–your audience should feel connected to you the blogger, the lawyer, the inventor, the salesperson, etc. If the audience feels distanced or like the information isn’t intended for them, forget seeing a return on investment.

This problem with authenticity seeps into other visual elements of your content, too. We know we should be adding videos on our social media. But having a video for video’s sake is not enough. Our content is a form of storytelling. If we don’t feel a reason to watch–for humor, information or emotion–then we’ll keep scrolling.

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