Biz Tips: Saas Product management survey

Biz Tips: Saas Product management survey


Saas Product management survey

SaaS Product management survey

You think that building a great product is hard? You are wrong!

Building a great product is hard. Getting people to try your product is even harder.

But the ultimate challenge is to ensure that customers not only try, but keep using your product over time.

Every day is getting more challenging to be a product manager. Your role must take more data, and the overall customer experience, into consideration!

If you want to create an adequate product strategy which will affect positively customer acquisition, that is!

I strongly believe that product managers play a crucial role in any SaaS solution’s product-led growth strategy.

As a product manager, you don’t only have to make users understand your product’s technology and UX, anymore.Long-term success or as we like to call it in SaaS long-term retention requires a deep understanding of your user behaviour inside your product.

I acknowledge that and my mission is to create an extensive research on user experience by highlighting the role product management has in it.

Join my effort and help to fill in the gaps when it comes to the challenges a product manager faces in the SaaS industry competitive landscape today, by completing this short survey 📈

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