Biz Tips: Run Your Business Like a Televangelist.

Biz Tips: Run Your Business Like a Televangelist.


Run Your Business Like a Televangelist.

Do you believe!

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OK you have an idea for a business. You know how to execute the product or products and you know who your core customer is. Might I introduce you to the televangelist. Before you laugh let me tell you they are some of the most successful marketers on the planet and you can use their tools to win too!

It’s all about the web page

Evangelists have great web pages. Don’t believe me go to TD Jakes website. (Seriously go take a look!) Notice something? He has all the typical elements of any other eCommerce site. But he is the center of attention. He is selling himself. A lot small business owners don’t realize how powerful their image is. A good Evangelist has a simple page that is easy to navigate. Building such a site is so easy these days with sites like Fiverr providing access to cheap talent that produces great content.

Evangelists have a simple message that they tell everyone..everywhere

One of the reasons a lot of small businesses fail is that owners don’t really believe in their product. You can tell the business that will win long term by how willing they are to evangelize their core message to everyone that will listen, everywhere. The best evangelists are always on the road. They have a simple message.

Your life is a mess

You need to change your situation

“insert name” can change your life if you will just “take action”

Let me help you make your life less messy and more joyful

If you can’t sell any product with this method close down. The guy who sells MyPillow uses this simple method and he has achieved millions in sales for his overpriced pillows! And he tells his story everywhere to everyone. On the internet, in retail stores, and on TV, radio and any other place that will listen.

To win in business a strong owner needs to lay aside their ego. To be successful a strong owner needs pitch to everyone. Passive income is for pussies! To win long term you have to always be pitching period.

So do you want to win? Do you believe that you can change the world through your products so much that you are willing to sell to everyone everywhere?

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