Biz Tips: Reach Your Goals

Biz Tips: Reach Your Goals


Reach Your Goals

on the path toward 10x (mini post experiment)

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Only way to accomplish goals is to first create them

Get after it

  1. Journal often…
  2. decide on top goals
  3. Aim high but be realistic
  4. Fully commit
  5. Create a plan of action
  6. Take baby steps toward your goal
  7. Give yourself deadlines
  8. Make it public
  9. Find accountablitiy
  10. Visualization your achievement and accomplishments daily.

“What the mind believes, the body can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill

When you can’t control your circumstances, don’t let your circumstances control you.

Every article doesn’t need to be packed with extra space filling quotes of dead people, or results of a decade long study, and personal life stories to reinforce the point.

Sometimes meat and potatoes is enough and exactly what you want.

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