Biz Tips: Organic VS. Paid…What You Must Know About Advertising Online

Biz Tips: Organic VS. Paid…What You Must Know About Advertising Online


Organic VS. Paid…What You Must Know About Advertising Online

The times of organic posts casually blowing up is coming to an end. No longer will brands, influencers, and advertisers be able to just post and hope for the best. Soon enough we will be left with two options, and let me tell you one is easier than the other. We can either choose to grind organic posts, engage with everyone’s content and attempt to master the phantom-like algorithm that changes very often on platforms like Facebook & Instagram. Or, we can take the path of least resistance and pay platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google to display our content in front of those that choose to use their platforms for free.

Something that all of us need to keep in mind is that we cannot expect these social platforms to just do the work for us. They built massive empires that we can leverage to advertise our products and services in a cost-effective, results-driven way that decimates what traditional marketing methods can achieve. Truthfully now is the time to be grateful, because you can simply pay money to these platforms to boost brand awareness, create viral videos and drive your ROI through the roof…but before we can do that we need to understand the fundamental difference between Organic and Paid traffic.

  1. Organic Traffic- Traffic that occurs naturally on social media/search engines through people stumbling across your brand by chance or through reference by friends, peers or other brands.
  2. Paid Traffic- Traffic that you pay for that is targeted directly at the consumers you want engaging with your brand. You do this by building advertising campaigns through the back end advertising platforms of Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn etc…

Now that we are aware of the fundamental difference between Organic vs. Paid traffic we can go into more detail about the benefits of these two marketing methods. Essentially, organic posts are the posts you create that people who follow you or like your page will see. The truth is, even if they do follow or like your page Facebook & Instagram gives priority to advertisers who spend money on their platforms versus the casual brand who doesn’t pay for traffic. Organic posts will only take one so far and the further along we go into more people using paid ads the more likely organic posts and content will be drowned out. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Google have become not only places where you can connect with friends and search for products, but they have become platforms where brands can take their social awareness to the next level. It would be silly to completely stop posting organically as it maintains that authentic relationship with your current fans, but if your truly looking to increase ROI and do it effectively through social media/search engine marketing you must start leveraging paying for ads.

To say it simply you have to put some skin in the game and spend money to create money. Paid traffic is a great way to boost your brand’s awareness, and you’d be surprised at what type of companies can turn their business around by simply advertising online. For example, one of our clients runs a medical education company that sells courses online. They are extremely niche and most people would disagree that you can reach doctors, clinicians, and physicians that are interested in taking courses about lymphedema via Facebook. Honestly, this couldn’t be further than the truth as we got clients results like this through paid traffic…(See Image Below)


The truth is paid traffic works…All we had to do was capture one solid video of our clients brand story, ask them questions about their target market, and build the ad-set on the back end of Facebook’s ads manager. Of course, there were ups and downs, challenges to face and so on but if a niche client like this can thrive by marketing online I’m sure 98% of others businesses out there would as well. You really just have to ask yourself if what you’re doing currently to market your brand isn’t working then why are you doing it? The truth is phones are mobile billboards that your potential customers spend upwards of 5 hours a day buying things on, scrolling through social sites and so on. It’s time to take advantage of this tool before it becomes extremely expensive like traditional marketing.

Remember, marketing is not as complex as it seems. Never allow any company to confuse you or tell you otherwise. Social & Search marketing is a MASSIVE tool to success for brands in 2018. I wish you the best with your life, business and success.Sincerely,

Skylar G. Lysaker

C.O.O of FG Marketing Co

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