Biz Tips: Optimizing for Growth on Medium in 30 SECONDS

Biz Tips: Optimizing for Growth on Medium in 30 SECONDS


Optimizing for Growth on Medium in 30 SECONDS

Ready? Start the timer!

“A man jumping high in the air over rocks on a hilltop” by Jordan McQueen on Unsplash

In 30 seconds, this is how to optimize your Medium posts and gain more followers!

  • Vary up your writing style — Add quotes, bullets, short paragraphs and more.
  • Work with Medium publications for more can help you apply for a ton of Medium publications
  • Follow people daily— you can currently like up to 125 daily. So, follow people who like your posts and follow back. Also, follow people who like similar articles you read about, chances are they’ll clap for your articles too!
  • Post regularly— everyone in the blogging world know you need to be consistence. Keep showing up, make time and never post less than 3 times a week.
  • Always use a great image — the picture needs to attract the eye and hopefully ties in well with the message of the artcle
  • Unpublish — if your artcle is still not doing well after a few weeks, unpublish it. Rework the headline and repurpose/refresh the content and bring it back to life again
  • Bonus — get the word out like this or even get crazy and spend a few bucks on social ads to give your post a little jump start. Done right this can really help!

ok, so it was more like 39 seconds…

but thank you for taking your precious time to check out this article. Comment if something is missing or that could help this list out.

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