Biz Tips: Never stop celebrating each new follower

Biz Tips: Never stop celebrating each new follower


Never stop celebrating each new follower

In today’s age of growth hacking, it’s easy to get carried away with trying to rapidly grow your following, whether on Insta, Twitter, etc. This makes it easy to stop thinking about the people behind the accounts following you.

But, never stop celebrating each new follower. Each person represents a chance to share, learn and collaborate. Once you start thinking about followers as numbers, instead of people, that’s when growth hackers start losing touch with the community.

In the beginning, growing your social media can be an extremely frustrating task because it takes time to get traction. You need to be consistent, engaging and interact with the community to get attention.

I’ll never forget that first month of growing my brand’s twitter account. It felt at times painfully slow, and I wondered if it was worthwhile to spend time creating a cool graphic for such small impressions.

I still remember that feeling of anticipation each morning when I would check my phone for the first time and see if we were getting any engagement. If we had more than a couple in one day those first few weeks, it was high fives all around the office.

Try and keep that feeling going through your future experience of managing social media. You don’t need to obsessively check your phone like me, but at least once a day look at the profiles of everyone who has followed your account.

Try and engage with some of these people on a personal level. Not just by setting up some automation to like posts of new followers. But, by really choosing a couple interesting people so you can comment individually on a post, or reach out with a unique DM to thank them for following you.

Remember if you are to have a truly lasting brand, you need your followers more than they need you. You need them to interact and engage with your brand, much more than you need generic likes.

So, as tempting as it is to automate everything and grow your brand exponentially. You want to be a long-term success, you’re not looking for 15 minutes of twitter fame.

This said, automation is great and I’m the first to support strategies to growth hacking your twitter. But, you need to do it in a sustainable way or your community can be risk of disappearing overnight.

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