Biz Tips: Necessary Ingredients for Becoming a Great Public Speaker

Biz Tips: Necessary Ingredients for Becoming a Great Public Speaker

Biz Tip:

Necessary Ingredients for Becoming a Great Public Speaker

Consider a little snippet from the past-

Adolf Hitler, history’s most powerful ruler, convinced SEVENTY MILLION people to leave behind their beliefs and follow his ideology of Nazism. Now, what is shocking is that what made seventy million people do so? Let me tell you – it was the absolute gravity of Hitler’s oration that convinced an entire population to kill people in massacres. Hitler mastered the art of public speaking, wrote his own speeches, edited them up to five times, and practiced his expressions and gestures before addressing mass gatherings. If one man could convince the world with just his powerful speeches, you can imagine the amount of power that lies in great oration.

In today’s context, everybody is presented with a plethora of opportunities daily to speak publicly. Be it an entrepreneur, an organization, or a company, they spend most of their time leading meetings, pitching clients, delivering messages to run their businesses, market their products, and establishing themselves around the globe. Those who achieve these goals often have influential speakers in their teams, which makes them stand out from the rest of the world.

Now, what are those few ingredients that would make you a great speaker and distinguish you from others?

Ingredients for Becoming a Great Public Speaker

  • Interaction and Expression

The most important thing while speaking publicly is to interact with your audience with the right expression. Standing on stage and merely talking about your content will not amuse people. You must establish a connection to win over them.

For instance, you can make your talk interactive by asking your audience to raise hands for a yes or no question or by making them repeat words or lines.

Using expressions, affirmative words, and sentences that make your ideas sound convincing and appropriate will also help you become a great speaker.

  • Outline Your Content

If you know what you need to say, you won’t get distracted while delivering your speech. Draft a basic outline of the points that need to be covered and the important ideas that must be highlighted during your session. Accordingly, you can prepare your content, which is your main ingredient.

Key Tip: You can write down your main content headings, sub-headings and facts, and data that must be delivered in your speech and carry it on placards while you speak.

  • Courage and Confidence

You don’t need fancy clothes or expensive shoes to be a good speaker. All you need is the courage to shatter your fears to walk on the stage and speak confidently.

At times, if by mistake, you utter wrong facts or mispronounce a word before your audience. Still, you are confident enough to pull through the event; people might not even notice your fault and will probably end up believing in what you said, just because you were confident enough to sound convincing.

Thus, you have to wear your confidence and hit a home run!

  • Storytelling

One key tip to master the game of public speaking is to narrate your journey, share anecdotes, and tell stories that would captivate your audience.

For example, telling relatable stories, sharing incidents that hit a certain emotion, and talking about real-life experiences can help you gain wider public attention while speaking.

You can share glimpses of your journey, your failure and success, or give examples of people and personalities.

However, don’t share too much as it might become bothersome and overwhelming.

  • Be Yourself

Don’t lose yourself while trying to have an impact on others. Nobody might notice you being real, but everybody will notice you being fake.

Speak in your own accent, use simple words, and don’t try to modulate your voice excessively just to sound impactful.

Key Tips

Here are some tips that could help you level up your public speaking skills-

  • Use the language that your audience understands.
  • Maintain eye contact while you speak. It makes people feel connected.
  • Don’t pay heed to those who mock you while you speak. Always remember that there’s a reason why you are on the stage, and they are in the audience!
  • Make sure you practice and rehearse your content before delivering it in front of wide audiences.
  • Pause when you need to. Don’t rush through your content.
  • End with a conclusion or gratitude note.

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid using controversial/conflicting ideas in your narrations and examples.
  • Don’t use data or facts if you are not 100% sure about their authenticity.
  • Try not to be too aggressive or emotional during your speech.
  • Do not use unnecessary and inappropriate humor.
  • Do not target a particular community or a section of the audience for any examples or narrations.
  • Avoid using too many examples and instances.


Well, some people consider public speaking as an art and some as a science; I say it’s both. The correct technique and the right expression will turn out into the best recipe for your public speaking!
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However, always remember to use the method that suits you the best. We hope these tips help you in all your further public speaking endeavors, and we wish you luck for the same.

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