Biz Tips: Missing Infinicore Here Are The Best Alternatives To Use In 2019

Biz Tips: Missing Infinicore Here Are The Best Alternatives To Use In 2019


Missing Infinicore Here Are The Best Alternatives To Use In 2019

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Powerlikes again, Yes I’m going there again, a few years back it was the controversial automation embargo. With the likes of Archie, Massplanner and the notorious Instagress being censored by the mighty power of Instagram.

This time around it’s the remarkable Instagram Powerlikes clan who’ve felt the agony, the culprit now is Infinicore. Who are Infinicore? Infinicore are one of the superior names in Instagram growth and Instagram Powerlikes as a service. You may be trying to use Infinicore in the last few days, and notice their website is no longer be operating.

Then you probably headed over to their Facebook group for some clarification on this issue, to found their group didn’t exist anymore. This is quite strange right? Everything Infinicore had vanished. Maybe because Facebook deleted it, why? Facebook owns Instagram.

Infinicore announcement

Well, not everything Infinicore telegram group was still surging with users and a pinned message above. Let me translate this, it simple means Facebook/Instagram has closed the door on Infinicore.

You may wonder why Instagram has forbidden Infinicore from operating. Well, the fact is Instagram is clamping down on automated activity. By making an announcement a few months back of zero tolerance on fake followers, fake likes, and activity.

So, one may only presume Instagram felt Infinicore was breaching their democracy with their Instagram service offerings. Overall Infinicore was a great tool for marketers, growth hackers and people who needed immediate growth. As Infinicore Instagram Powerlikes could increase your account’s following and engagement very quickly and ultimately making your posts hit Instagram explorer.

Infinicore Results

Just to reassure you Infinicore is not a scam and will be refunding outstanding Instagram Powerlikes payments

Let’s Do A Quick Recap

So what are Powerlikes and why do people go crazy for them?? Powerlikes is a system where huge accounts with over 100M followers plus combined to like your posts. These likes will hit your posts with 30 minutes of you posting to Instagram.

Another question are these likes real ? And how are they different from regular likes? Well the answer is yes they are from real active accounts. These accounts are gaining real followers and engagement every day.

Only real active accounts are allowed to participate in the Powerlikes system. The different between Powerlikes and regular likes is the likes are filtered from highly active accounts. Now with the war on Instagram Powerlikes in full motion, it now comes down to this.

Who is still left in the arena, and who has the power to deliver those Powerlikes needed by Influencers and Viral Kings and Queens of Instagram.

There are a few Instagram Powerlikes sources left in the arena, waving their sword. However, with the disappearance of Infinicore this could be a signal. That Facebook is looking to pounce with more cease-and-desist orders on behalf of Instagram. For now, let’s see how this plays out over the next few months. As the pay to play option is slowly closing in, until then more Instagram growth and more Instagram Powerlikes.

May the force be with you 🙏🏾

Stay Gramming, 🤳🏽

Best, Len

Instagram Powerlikes Sources




IG Evolve

Wolf Global

Disclaimer — use at your own risk

I am in no way connected to these websites, other than a normal user, just needed to point that out. The services or software I have mentioned, I feel obligated to check them out, by testing and using them on a day to day. Otherwise it would not be fair to even mention them, without any expereince or data.

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