Biz Tips: Marketing and Growth Technology to Prepare for in 2019

Biz Tips: Marketing and Growth Technology to Prepare for in 2019


Marketing and Growth Technology to Prepare for in 2019

Marketing technology is moving faster every single year, and the brands that adapt and embrace those changes are the ones who will grow and succeed. As we near the end of another year that has seen a number of innovations turn from concepts into reality, it’s time to look into the crystal ball and see what next year will likely bring.

There is a lot to see. Changes in everything from privacy laws to the implementation of new search algorithms mean that digital marketing will be different it ever has been. The impact on your goals and growth will largely depend on how well you have prepared for them.

As you set marketing and growth goals for the new year, here is the technology you need to prepare for next year.

Mobile Prominence

The prominence of mobile is not news, per se. Every year, search traffic on mobile rises, and over 60 percent of searches are conducted and purchases completed on mobile devices. Marketers are not the only ones who have taken note of this. In fact, the mobile-first index and the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project showed us that they were paying attention.

Studies have also shown that if your webpage takes more than four seconds to load, users will move on to another page that will load faster. This means not only does mobile compliance and responsive web design matter, but speed does as well. Google revealed that, beginning in July of 2018, page speed would be a factor in a mobile page’s ranking. What this means more than anything else is that if you and one of your competitor’s sites are both equal in every other way, but their page loads faster, they will outrank you in relevant search engine results pages (SERPs).

Since Google is putting more emphasis on mobile content, it means your business needs to as well. What are the keys to good mobile pages and user experiences?

  • Visual content matters a lot in mobile searches, but remember that screens are smaller, so keep visuals simple and easy to read.
  • Most mobile devices are keyboard free, so keep content simple, headlines and headings compelling, and use hooks to keep readers “thumbing up.”
  • Less is usually more in a mobile content strategy. Keep menus simple, calls to action easy to follow, and checkout processes easy for users.
  • Make everything fast. Content is king; speed is the queen; and user experience trumps all in mobile design.

Rather than going away, many mobile device users are replacing their desktop computers and laptops, at least at home, and more tasks are being performed keyboard and mouse free. Design accordingly and prepare for additional advances in mobile tech in 2019.

Voice and Video Search

A couple years ago, voice search began its rise to importance in the search sector. This is in part due to the mobile devices mentioned above, as with “Hey, Siri” or “OK Google” a phone user can summon their own virtual voice assistant. Long-tail queries and more sentence-based searches became the norm over simple, single-keyword ones.

While a voice search on mobile or even on some laptop computers still returns a list of answers, another advance began to change things over the last couple of years, and these are voice-first speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the Apple Home Pod. In these cases, the search returns one verbal answer, This coveted search position is known as ranking for zero.

Many of these positions are held in SERPs where the site does not necessarily have the highest Domain Authority or other metrics, but where the site has the simplest and clearest answer. Of course, just like ranking for number one in Google, there are strategies for ranking for this coveted spot, but they are still in development.

Enter the video versions of these home assistants like the Echo Show, Facebook Portal, and Google Home Hub. Now instead of just a verbal answer, its possible for the device to present a video one. Obviously Google Home Hub will favor YouTube answers, Facebook will prioritize Facebook video, and the Echo will likely pull video results from BIng. What does this mean in 2019?

It means that video search, already a big priority for mobile, will be even more important. While these zero rankings for voice and video have not eclipsed mobile yet, they will be more important this year than ever before.

Blockchain Disruptions

The blockchain discussion really began around cryptocurrency. Effectively, the blockchain is a transparent, decentralized, write-only ledger that stores transactions on every computer involved in that transaction or block. Since then, the technology has sparked interest in a number of other fields, impacting marketing in several unique ways.

  • Eliminating Fraud: How do you keep fake ads off the web? How do you keep fake products from eclipsing the real ones? A transparent ledger that allows the buyer to track shipments from the factory to their front door, verifying the source and increasing brand trust.
  • Cutting out the Middleman: An ad created on the blockchain would allow website owners to retain all the profits from ads on their sites.
  • Personal Privacy: With the adoption of GDPR and a new blockchain model, users could provide advertisers access to certain information for a determined period of time, and the advertisers would pay them for that access.
  • Smart Contracts: Advertisers, agencies, and freelance graphic artists and content creators can set up smart contracts with established milestones and triggers on the blockchain, increasing transparency and reducing fraud.

While some of this may sound a long way off, a current project, Basic Attention Tokens already incentivizes users to view ads by giving them tokens if they do. The experimental browser Brave blocks bot crawling user data, popups, and cross-site tracking while maintaining the highest of security levels. It is these types of blockchain advances into marketing that are vital to pay attention to heading into 2019.

From mobile advances to the blockchain, marketing and growth technology are changing nearly every day. To stay ahead, your business needs to pay attention and be ready for the changes that are on the way.

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