Biz Tips: Make Your Audience Love Finding Your Landing Page

Biz Tips: Make Your Audience Love Finding Your Landing Page


Make Your Audience Love Finding Your Landing Page

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Now that your landing page is up, let’s make sure it’s as great as it can possibly be!

Wait, your landing page isn’t up yet? Then check out the first two parts of this series so we can destroy all the excuses that are holding you back:

Okay. Ready to optimize your landing page copy?

Take a step away from what you’ve created and let yourself approach it from a different perspective. Come back after a day or two or at least take a short break to do something completely unrelated so you can read it with “fresh eyes.”

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Does the headline show that you understand your target customer’s struggle?
  • Will the rest of the copy help your readers to know and like you more? Will it help them to trust that you have the solution they need?
  • Have you clearly established what a subscriber should expect to receive from you?

If the answer is “yes” to all three, then you can move on to refining and optimizing for maximum readability.

Format your page for skimmers

If someone clicks over to your page can they gather at a glance the vital details you want them to internalize?

Let’s say a person reads only the headers, bold text, and bullet points — will they understand what you are trying to communicate?

That last sentence is an example of how not to use bold text. Use bold text to draw attention to complete takeaways, not to emphasize words or phrases that can’t stand on their own. If you must emphasize a single word or short phrase use italics like I have in this paragraph, but do this sparingly or it gets annoying.

If everything is bold, nothing is. So use bold text and headers sparingly too.

Here’s an exercise to help you emphasize the right things:

Pretend your landing page can only have three sentences plus the header. Don’t rewrite it; choose 3 sentences or phrases that communicate the bare minimum that a person would have to understand in order to want what you’re offering. Now make those bold.

Going back to Isa Adney’s landing page that I referenced in Part 1, here’s what I would make bold:


“your project matters”
“This is an email club for writers with big dreams.”
“a chance for you to get your project featured!”

Notice how I have chosen short phrases, not long sentences. Ideally every single one will stand alone, so that last phrase isn’t the best, but it is acceptable. Sometimes I tweak my copy so that the phrases I want to make bold both stand alone and fit within the context of everything else. It’s an advanced technique that is worth the extra effort.

If I wanted to do that with Isa’s copy I would change the final paragraph to look like this:

Joining this club gives you exclusive access to a monthly #keepwritingclub email filled with writing motivation to keep you going and live behind-the-scenes of my own writing process (and the agent/publisher process). You’ll even get a chance to have your project featured!

Now, go back and read this article from the top, but only read the headlines, bullet points, and bold text. See how it works?

When you think your page is ready, read it out loud

Even better, get someone else to read it aloud to you. This will help you to find any embarrassing typos, awkward phrasing, or confusing copy.

Feeling good about your landing page now? You should be! You’ve put in a lot of hard work. Unless of course you’re still only reading and not using what I’m teaching you to craft a compelling landing page… If you’re still struggling please reach out—I’d love to address any more questions you might have!

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