Biz Tips: Looking for a Marketing Job? Top 10 stories of September and Author of the Month

Biz Tips: Looking for a Marketing Job? Top 10 stories of September and Author of the Month


Looking for a Marketing Job? Top 10 stories of September and Author of the Month Find your next marketing, growth hacking, or sales job today.

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In the four short years of our existence, Mark Growth has published over 3,000 stories on marketing, growth hacking, branding, and sales while being featured by HubSpot and sourced by Inc. Our articles come from thousands of growth specialists including the CEOs and founders of companies like Buffer, BigCommerce, Indiegogo, and representatives of the National Retail Federation.

Our articles reach over 110k people every month. Our readers trust us to deliver the latest and best ideas on marketing, growth hacking, and sales. In less words, we know growth and the people behind it. That is why at the end of October, we will launch our job board for growth specialists:

If you are looking for a job in marketing, growth hacking, or sales, you can get early access by posting your resume on GrowthJob.

If your business is looking for top talent in the aforementioned areas, partner with us to fill your growth positions and grow your business. Subscribe to our upcoming page on Product Hunt to know when we launch and start posting your jobs and browsing resumes.

We already have our first job posted (at a discount) a month ahead of launch by Caura & Co.

Top ten Mark Growth stories of September

Every month, we continue to publish insightful case studies, research, learnings, and suggestions from experts in business marketing and growth hacking. Here are the top ten stories of September, 2018:

Image by Product Tribe
  1. How to Conduct UX Research For Your Product by Product Tribe
    Learn how to conduct user experience research to inform your product marketing and growth strategy.
  2. First steps in marketing split testing by Chris Bow
    Learn how to make decisions (at least 95%) confidently.
  3. What A Killer Marketing Strategy Must Have! by Enrique Hoyos
    Do you want your marketing to work? Learn what you need to include in your strategy.
  4. How to Find Missing Words and Themes from Your Blog’s Content by Manuel Amunategui
    Learn how to apply SEO Tricks towards comprehensive writing.
  5. User onboarding and the metrics behind it by Despina Exadaktylou
    If you don’t know what onboarding is or haven’t gotten around to it, you might be leaving money on the table and hurting your SaaS business.
  6. Here’s Why You Should Reevaluate Your Customer Survey Approach by Robert Glazer
    Learn how to create better customer research surveys.
  7. SEO Guide + 7 SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Google Search Ranking by Moss Clement
    Learn how to boost your website traffic and your business via these SEO techniques.
  8. How Workflow Automation Technology Helps To Grow Your Small or Mid Sized Business by MILA JONES
    Workflow automation technology is growing and businesses of all sizes can now afford it. Learn why you should invest in it for your business.
  9. How to generate reviews for your business by Duncan Jones
    Learn how to use reviews to supercharge your business growth.
  10. What nobody on the internet will tell you about personal branding by Varun Choraria
    Your peronal brand is crucial to the success of your business. Learn the key to personal branding and why it matters.

Mark Growth Author of the Month — September: Jim Katzaman

Jim crafts brilliant conversational articles by engaging with and listening to his audience of marketing and growth hacking specialists. Jim is focussed on helping Americans shave their debt, improve their lifestyles, and save for secure retirement.

We appreciate Jim’s enthusiastic, frequent contributions to Mark Growth. Here is one of his latest stories: Driving a stake into Instagram myths and legends.

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