Biz Tips: Know when to retreat and change your strategy.

Biz Tips: Know when to retreat and change your strategy.


Know when to retreat and change your strategy.

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I am a highly competitive person, ever since I was little my dad never let me win and we always had that sort of rivalry.

Now that I am older is that I came to realize that he was the one that made the guy I am right now and I can’t thank him enough!

Some people see being competitive as a bad attribute to have since it means that you are always trying to win (which is true) but they don’t take into consideration that those highly competitive people are the ones that will work harder to get better and better while you sit there not giving a fuck if you lost or not!

I really like winning and get angry when I don’t, sometimes I will show it and other times I will just bottle it up and let it dissipate.

Again, not everybody has to be competitive to be working hard but I certainly feel like I have an edge by wanting to win so Goddamn much haha!

But now and again I have to strategize and if I am working my ass off on something that doesn’t make sense then why keep going? That is when we have to retreat so we can reevaluate what we are doing and act accordingly!

Being competitive as fuck doesn’t mean that we have to be brutes you know?

Let your competitiveness cool off so you can think clearly and go at it again.

Sometimes the errors are in the details, like not optimizing your article titles or not giving a good description but how the hell are you going to know if you don’t look for mistakes?

Work hard but remember towork smart too!

We do not make perfect things nor should we, so it means that we have to always be on the lookout for mistakes that can ultimately break a good idea!

Sometimes a simple change of plan can make a whole difference!

Imagine that you are posting on Instagram and you don’t know why little to no people are giving like and interacting to your posts, yet you don’t put an image that stands out, use hashtags or post at the right hours.

You then take a moment to research and make a good strategy to post content.

You start posting on instagram again but this time with an amazing image, some hashtags related to your image/brand and on top of that you post on a time where most people are on their phone. You suddenly see that your post did twice as much likes and comments as before.

You succeded by taking notes of what was failing and changed the strategy to better suit your goal!

Never underestimate the power of a good strategy but never forget to pump out content as well!

Much love to every single one of you!

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