Biz Tips: Is Your Website Causing Friction Between Your Marketing & Online Sales?

Biz Tips: Is Your Website Causing Friction Between Your Marketing & Online Sales?


Is Your Website Causing Friction Between Your Marketing & Online Sales?

It’s 2018 and I am pretty sure by now we ALL understand the importance of having a functional website that is easy for your customers to navigate through. Especially if you’re running an e-commerce business where customers purchase all of your products online. If you do not have a site where it’s easy for your customers to land on your page, add to cart and checkout in three minutes than your losing money. On top of losing money your losing customers and creating friction between your marketing which hurts your budgeting in the long run.

For example, I’m going to share a short story about one of my team’s clients. I will be keeping their name confidential, but I will let you know that they run an e-commerce business that sells supplements. In this scenario, this company pays my team to manage their ad campaigns on Facebook & Google. We also created the content for their ads which happen to be mainly video ads on the Facebook platform & display/shopping ads on Google. Their brand is well established and they only have a handful of competitors. They outrank ALL of their competitors on Google and have racked up hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook through their video ads. Now their website is where things get sticky.

Our team did not create their website and they are on an old platform called Magento. The person that built their site did it a few years ago & they did not purchase the correct version to run a functional E-Commerce store. On top of using Magento, they also had a few issues on the mobile display that our team noticed. Images running into each other, check out boxes disappearing, and incorrect compression of images which made the site very difficult to navigate on a mobile device. Now if you understand how many people purchase off of their phones you’ll realize why this is a problem. Specifically in this scenario since upwards of 80% of the traffic they get to their site is mobile. Now if that doesn’t already sound difficult enough for a customer to purchase, they have one of the highest bounce rates we have ever seen on a site. We ran a diagnostic on their site speed and its taking upwards of 18 seconds for this site to load on average for the customer.

Between using an old platform, a non-mobile optimized website, and a slow load time this company is losing upwards of 60–80% of their traffic from marketing specifically due to their website.

The craziest part of this all is that this company is still generating profits from their marketing dollars. Now after we had our last meeting we all realized that they need a new website, which is about to be in the works and is definitely needed. Can you imagine how much more profit they could have grossed if their site was optimized? All of the referrals from influencers, the ad buy spent, email blasts pushed out did not do the justice they could have if the website was easy and functional for customers to buy.

If your an E-Commerce company or if you sell anything online then you need to ask yourself one simple question. Is my website causing friction in my sales? If it is then you need to step into the shoes of a customer and make it so simple to buy that a 6-year-old could hop online with their parent’s credit card and buy your product themselves. One of the biggest things that my team learned from this experience is that it doesn’t matter how big your marketing budget is, how good your product is, what influencers have raved about your product. If your website is lacking ease and design than your sales are not going to be true to what they could be.

Skylar Lysaker

C.O.O of FG Marketing Co.

Social Links: @fgmarketingco

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