Biz Tips: Is Your Offer Killing Your Sales Funnel?

Biz Tips: Is Your Offer Killing Your Sales Funnel?


Is Your Offer Killing Your Sales Funnel?

There are many, many ways to optimize your marketing.

Methods to make your conversion funnels more powerful. Tips to find people who really want what you’re selling. Best practices to test your messaging.

But here’s the thing.

As important as all of that it is…

It’s all absolutely meaningless if you get this one thing wrong.

It utterly dwarfs any effect of HOW you do something.

Yes, the biggest factor is having a great product, and a hungry audience. Without those, the chance of success is scant in the long-term.

If I assume you have those, than the second most important thing by a very wide margin is…

The Offer.

Take two rival local car dealerships.

They are, to all observers, nearly identical, and have been operating for years.

One day, they get in a new car. A high-end truck for discerning buyers.

The first dealership decides that they’re going to advertise the truck by showing all the great features of this beast of a car everywhere they can imagine.

Billboards. Radio. Local TV. Banner Ads.

Everywhere prospects turn, they find ads proclaiming the incredible all-wheel drive. The ability to drive in rough terrain with ease. They’re blasted with messaging telling men they’ll be more popular, more masculine if they drive around in something that resembles a tank more than an automobile.

The second dealership decides a different approach.

They don’t spend a dime on any of that. Instead, they post a free listing on Craigslist.

Their offer is simple…

“Come into our dealership today and you’ll get this new truck for half off.”

Who do you think will sell more cars?

You see, when people are determining whether or not to buy something…

They Subconsciously Perform A Mental Calculation.

They weigh what they think the product will bring them… and how much it will cost to acquire it.

Step into a fast food shop, check out the people scanning the menu, and you’ll see this invisible calculus happen over, and over, and over again.

That’s what gets people to buy.


And there is no advertising method on this Earth that will beat the power of delivering an incredible value. That’s why discounts and sales WORK.

(It’s also my excuse for why I have so much junk I don’t need.)

The key to getting them to salivate at your product is to have them perform that internal calculation…

And immediately realize that what they are getting VASTLY outweighs what they are paying for it, whether in time or money.

That’s all it takes.

The fact is that one dealership was offering a car at full price and the other at half was the only real thing that mattered in this competition between two rivals.

Don’t get me wrong…

Fantastic marketing can add onto the perceived value of a product, but it becomes much more difficult when the difference is that stark.

The more value, the more often they’ll take action. No matter HOW you dress it up.

If A Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working…

Before reworking the landing page… the ads… the audience…

Make sure the offer is irresistible.

And you can do this, by the way, without lowering the actual price.

Free trials. Anytime cancellations. Guarantees. Add-ons. Reviews.

There are so many things that can make your offer so much more powerful without costing you a thing (though they might seem expensive at first).

You’ve seen companies with TERRIBLE marketing cleaning up their competition. This is why.

Their fundamentals, their inherent value to their prospects, are superior — and so they get more sales.

Take advantage of…

The Two Biggest Opportunities To Succeed.

One: ensure you have a great product and audience who wants it.

Two: make sure you have an incredible offer for that product and that audience.

THEN worry about the other stuff.

Because frankly? Without having a great product and a comparable offer — you’re dead in the water.

Do it well and you might not even NEED the fancy marketing tactics…

Though they always help.

Read this far? A favor, if you would…

Whether you agree with what you’ve just read, or just want to explain to me how utterly WRONG I am…

Comments, claps, and shares make my day.

This is the totally shameless tip jar on the counter… and my end of article call-to-action (because I try to practice what I preach).

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