Biz Tips: Is Your Business Overstaffed? How To Make The Most Of Your Employees

Biz Tips: Is Your Business Overstaffed? How To Make The Most Of Your Employees


Is Your Business Overstaffed? How To Make The Most Of Your Employees

Employees are the key to a successful business. With the right team members in the right roles, your business can reach extreme heights.

Different businesses — in different industries and of different sizes — require different sized teams. Striking the right balance between under-staffing and over-staffing is challenging, and there are negative implications of both instances. However, if you want your business to reach its full potential, you should carefully consider the people who work for you.

Keep reading to find out what the negative impacts of incorrectly staffing are, as well as the tips for hiring the best employees.

The negative effects of staffing incorrectly (the signs that you’ve either understaffed or overstaffed):

  • Your business goals aren’t being met

Is your business not performing how you hoped? Are you measuring key metrics and finding that goals aren’t being met in the required time-frame? Are you making a profit? Is your team happy? Do your competitors do things different?

If you have suspicions that you haven’t got the right team working for you, you may consider numbers as a contributing factor.

  • You have a low staff retention rate

One of the signs your business is succeeding and growing if you have a high staff retention rate. This indicates that your staff feel valued in their roles, are passionate about your business and are all working towards the same goal.

However, if you have a low staff retention rate, you will also have low team morale. Over-staffing or under-staffing could be the reason.

Especially in the hospitality industry, people may be more inclined to hand in their notice if they feel overworked, under-supported and underpaid. This could be a sign that you need to hire more staff or reassess current roles.

  • Your time and resources are being drained

The danger with a high staff turnover — aside from the fact you need to reassess internal business processes and management — is that hiring and training new employees is a drain on your time and resources.

Having to re-hire — look through resumes, set up interviews, on-board a new team member and train them up to the standard you require — is very time consuming and not a productive use of your business’ resources or money. It’s better to look after the employees that you have and give them the chance to grow in their career.

Tips for employing the right people

Learn some tips to ensure that your business is operated by a team of passionate and talented professionals who you can trust.

  • Carefully outline each role

To be sure you aren’t creating roles unnecessarily, make sure you have a clear vision of each role and each department. If you don’t, you may be misguided in thinking that you need to create new roles, and this could be detrimental to your business model and revenue.

By analysing each role and ensuring it is both fulfilling and has a salary that matches the skills required, you may find that you have some miscellaneous tasks that don’t naturally fall into any existing role. However, instead of automatically creating a new role and risking over-staffing, you may consider creating a part-time role or even hiring interns to tie up loose ends.

  • Pay more attention to employee satisfaction

A simple way to gauge how your employees are feeling towards their role is to ask them. Good business management and leadership is centred upon being attuned to the people who work for you. By holding regular meetings and reviews and communicating well with your employees, you can iron out any internal kinks in terms of job roles.

You may find that employees are keen to take on more responsibility and progress in their career, so instead of hiring new staff members you should delegate additional roles across existing ones. Doing this will make your existing team members feel valued and respected, which will in turn boost team morale.

  • Use recruitment software to hire top quality team members

In order for your business to succeed, you need to hire skilled, talented and passionate professionals. Hiring the wrong person can be detrimental to your business’ success, especially when you have a small team, and undoing a mistake hire is complicated.

The best way to ensure you are finding the best of the bunch through your recruitment endeavours is to use advanced cloud-based recruitment technology. These softwares are AI-powered and have cloud connectivity, which can aggregate big data from multiple online platforms and present you with highly skilled professionals who are a great match to the role in question.

Recruitment technology improves productivity tenfold. It eliminates all of the tiresome and arduous work that goes into searching for the perfect candidates, such as looking through resumes. Recruitment softwares also relinquish any reliance on external recruitment agencies. Instead, you can have all the power and all of the say on candidates, all the while saving on recruitment fees.

Another advantage of using recruitment software is that all information on professional profiles is presented on one easy-to-use dashboard where you can interact with professionals seamlessly. You can even begin to nurture them and learn about them before you’ve even listed your job advertisement.

Ultimately, if you leverage modern recruitment solutions you can find the perfect professional to join your team, and this will translate to more business success and higher profit margins.


Hiring the right people to grow your business is challenging. You’re never going to find someone who is more passionate about its success than you. However, by investing more time and support into your employees, you will ensure that you have the right sized team and the best talent.

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