Biz Tips: Is Network Marketing The Wrong Business For You? (Hint: Probably)

Biz Tips: Is Network Marketing The Wrong Business For You? (Hint: Probably)


Is Network Marketing The Wrong Business For You? (Hint: Probably)

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Dear Friend,

I have a couple of questions to help you determine whether or not a network marketing business is right for you.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what questions will determine if you’re in the wrong business model or not. And when I ask them, you’ll likely shake your head in confusion.

So, the first simple yet powerful question I would ask you is….

Why are you in business?

I know, I know. Even as I write this, it sounds like a pretty stupid question, right? And your “obvious” answer would be to make money (or more of it)!

To be more specific…maybe it’s to live a dream lifestyle with a certain income or be able to work from a laptop and travel the world.

Perhaps it’s to quit your 9–5 day job or to provide more for your family. Or, it could be for complete financial independence and controlling your own financial destiny.

Those are all valid and commendable reasons. They’re also common reasons for the majority of online entrepreneurs.

So, we all want to make more money. That’s pretty clear and something we’d all likely agree on.

Now, the second question is…

Out of all of the online business models out there, why did you choose a network marketing business?

This second question isn’t quite as cut-and-dry as the first one so let me explain and it’ll all make more sense to you.

You see, the big question isn’t why you started a business…it’s why you started a network marketing business.

Is it because you saw someone having some success in it and thought it was the “right” way to go. Maybe you were invited to a presentation, heard about some of the money people were making, and then thought to yourself, “If they’re making money, so can I”.

Perhaps you have a mentor (in-person or online) that you follow and they were in network marketing so you decided you have to do the same if you wanted to make money.

Or, did you happen to buy a product or training from them?

When you dig a little deeper, you start to think about why you got into that business model in the first place.

You see, most people know why they want to start a business (their “whys”) but they never take the time to get clear about what the BEST business is for THEM. And not someone else.

Now, before we go any further, I want to make it clear that the purpose of this isn’t to tell you to stop your network marketing business (especially if you’re doing well) nor is it to attack it in any way.

After all, network marketing companies offer products and services that are valuable to the marketplace and that people enjoy.

The purpose of the guide is to make sure that you’re in the right business model that is best for YOU.

And this story is really geared towards those who are solely trying to earn money (more specifically…online).

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Now, some people are in network marketing because they love the products or services their company offers. Maybe they’re super passionate about it and they have a lot of knowledge or expertise that they want to share with others.

However, this is not normally the case.

More often than not, people start their network marketing because they want to earn income and live a specific lifestyle. But because they follow or listen to certain people, they’re limited to thinking that they too need to be in network marketing if they want to achieve financial success.

The reality is this: There are a lot of different business strategies and models that work, especially with the internet today.

So that means there are tons of options to choose from if your sole goal is to make money and don’t care much about the specific product or service you’re offering.

But just because someone you follow or listen to is in network marketing and is fairly successful with it doesn’t mean it’s the best route for YOU.

After all, we all have different goals, desires, financial and life circumstances, strengths/weaknesses, and likes/dislikes. Therefore, if you want to make money online, it’s crucial that you design your ideal and perfect business for you and then work backwards and try to build it from there.

I’ll share with you where I’m coming from and why this is important to me.

Not too long ago, I also tried my hand in the network marketing world. I was invited to a presentation by someone I knew and trusted. I signed up on the spot (man, those guys are good at closing).

Before you know it, I’m going to hotel meetings, learning the business, and really trying to model the financial success of those “above” me.

So after months and months after learning about the products/services and the presentations, and shelling out money to attend meetings, I was finding myself sinking way more money into my business then I was getting out of it.

Then, I had to pump the brakes, take a step back and ask myself,

“Why am I in THIS business model and is it right for ME?”

As I started to question this business venture, I was watching and listening to the many others in the groups I was in….struggling to get the results they wanted.

I’d see all these new and fresh faces come to meetings only to never see them again after just a couple of times.

Most of them were just trying to build an extra income source so they could bring in some extra income and live the way they wanted to.

They didn’t necessarily love the products or services of the company.

No…they were just trying to model the mentors because it had “worked” for them.

But like I mentioned earlier, just because a business model works for someone else doesn’t mean that it’s right for YOU.

Now, if you’ve been in a network marketing business and aren’t reaping the results or benefits you’re seeking or maybe you feel like it isn’t your ideal business, hopefully my words have shed some light onto your situation and have you thinking about other opportunities out there.

If you’re sole purpose is to earn money online and/or build a lifestyle business (nothing wrong with that), then is a network marketing business really the BEST option?

Because there are other business models out there that could get you to where you want to go…

Below, I share some of the challenges of a network marketing business that I noticed through my own experience. Then, you can come to your own conclusion about it and maybe it’ll spark a shift in your future money-making approach.

Having to “Close” People

To build a large team or network, you yourself will have to give presentations as well as learn how to close people. However, most people hate public speaking and most aren’t comfortable with closing.

You can’t rely on your upline or mentors to do all the closing for you. This presents a challenge to many and reduce the chances of success significantly.

Hotel Meetings

You have to physically attend training to be part of presentations or to give them — typically, on weeknights or on the weekends.

This forces you to travel and spend time away from your family and other obligations and most times (especially for newbies), it’s on top of their 9–5.

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House Meetings

Like hotel meetings, you have to physically attend home meetings to be part of presentations or give them. Again, typically on weeknights or on the weekends.

Inviting Friends/Family

This is a challenge for many and it includes inviting your friends or family to either join your team and/or purchase your products. This makes most people uncomfortable and understandably so.

Networking marketing companies typically promote “leveraging” your relationships in order to generate sales. This is risky busy. My recommendation is to keep your personal and business activities separate.

Not being full committed to the product/service

You may have seen a presentation and although the product or service may be beneficial, it’s not something your passionate or interested in but are in the business for the potential financial benefits.

So, those are just a few challenges when it comes to building a network marketing business (at least from my own experience).

Now, I know that not all companies are the same and especially with the internet today, there are far more strategies for growing your team than the traditional methods.

One of the biggest draws for people to the idea of networking marketing is the concept of building this residual and “passive” income. It’s the idea of leveraging other people’s efforts by growing a team that eventually “builds itself” as those below you continue to build.

But if your goal is a business that provides passive, residual, and leveraged income, the internet has the power to do all of that for you….

You see, you don’t have to get other people to sell products and services so you can earn a commission. People are harder to manage and aren’t as reliable (cold hard truth).

The internet, on the other hand, can work for you 24/7 and you don’t have to hold their hand.

And you don’t have to close people, go to meetings or presentations, or go to national events and so on.

So again, I ask the question of “Why are you in THIS specific business model of network marketing.”

Here’s the problem and why I believe so many fail (unfortunately)…

Most people aren’t into sales or marketing, they don’t like interacting with others in that environment, and they don’t like persuading people to do things.

I’ve seen it so many times and I don’t want that for you.

Look, I’m not saying NOT to do a network marketing business or that it’s not possible to make a great income from it. Obviously, people every single day are doing it.

But you have to ask yourself if it is the right model for YOU that would not only bring you the financial rewards you desire but also allow you to enjoy the business you’re in.

With so many options out there, I hate to see people get stuck in businesses they don’t enjoy…it’s completely unnecessary in today’s world.

But as I said before, if you have a network marketing business that you love and are doing well with it, keep rocking on. All the power to you.

For those who are indifferent about their business and are open to other options, there’s a resource (hint: it’s a book) that helped me changed the way that I approached building a business online. I thought I knew what I was doing from all the courses I had bought until I picked up this book.

Looking for online business ideas? Here’s my guide to 40+ Online Businesses.

Call to Action

I’ve put together a PDF with the contents of this article as well as the resource book I mentioned. It’ll show you how you can build your ‘Perfect Business’. A business that not only will help you reap the financial rewards you seek but also one that you’ll actually enjoy working on each and every day.


Best wishes to you and your online business ventures.

Sincere wishes for a great life,

Dan Lu

P.S. Do you know anyone struggling to build their network marketing business?

Share this article with them so they can answer the 2 simple yet powerful questions I mentioned in the beginning. This will help them get clarity as to whether or not they’re in the right or wrong business for them and what to do moving forward.

About the Author

Dan Lu is an author/writer who specializes in the areas of personal development, entrepreneurship, and marketing. He is the creator of the Feardeology concept (a philosophy on how to leverage fear for positive life change) and the founder of Lifestyle Alchemedia.

His mission is to improve the lives of others through sharing insights, tools, and strategies in self-improvement as well as online entrepreneurship.

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