Biz Tips: Is it worth having native LinkedIn videos?

Biz Tips: Is it worth having native LinkedIn videos?


Is it worth having native LinkedIn videos?

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LinkedIn only added the ability to offer native videos back in August of last year. At that point, it was only available for individuals, not companies. Since then, LinkedIn videos have come a long way and more and more people are using them to increase their company and personal brands.

As videos are shared 20 times more than other type of content, you’d think people would jump at the chance to post native videos on Linkedin, right?

Not so much, considering that LinkedIn has pretty good embedding features and posting even a regular youtube video can get a lot of engagement, on similar levels to posting a native video. It just adds one more platform that marketers need to consider uploading to for each new piece of content.

It’s a lot of work, when companies can also get views from posting the video a different way, and the video still autoplays as native content would.

We’d like to hope that companies post different pieces of content across their social media platforms, but video has become so valuable in terms of engagement that it seems many brands are willing to foresake the silent rule of “don’t post the same content everywhere.”

On Facebook, native videos get 10x more shares than embedded video. If LinkedIn could get these types of figures it would definitely make it worthwhile to post native videos on the platform.

But, Facebook has been doing video longer and has some key advantages to entice marketers to post native videos. The have features such as cross-posting using the same video, to boost that same video’s views.

Ultimately, it will definitely be worth having native LinkedIn videos in the future, as the platform develops more features for companies and marketers. But, right now, we are on the threshold where it does not seem to be as worthwhile now.

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