Biz Tips: Is customer really the king or are we doing business all wrong?

Biz Tips: Is customer really the king or are we doing business all wrong?


Is customer really the king or are we doing business all wrong?

Do you really know who your customers are? Are you struggling with poor conversions from leads, or are you crippled in communicating your brand values? This one’s for you: the only marketing strategy you’ll ever need.

In my previous article, I made an attempt to explain the importance of understanding the emotional and buying patterns of your customers. As a child, I was always attached to Lego- a bunch of colored plastic bricks that really made my childhood creative. I’m extremely tempted to call myself an 80’s or 90’s kid because well, let’s all agree that cliched phrases make us nostalgic and we connect easily. (SHIT, I just leaked out an overly-used growth hack).

I remember building houses with Lego bricks.

Funnily, each time, I landed up building the same house- probably with some minor modifications, but at the face of it, the construction was the same. I’ve played with Lego sets for years but enjoyed every time I opened the tub of bricks. I think kids enjoy it till today because of the educational value it marries with fun. Kids sub-consciously learn during 3–10 years of age, during which the brain makes a lot of interlinkages with information that it gathers and accelerates a lot of motor and cognitive skills. Kids thus get addicted to this new way of exploring themselves and their creative + organizational skills.

So, what did Lego do with this research from Batman’s lair? It decided to target busy moms, archaic education system and the modern way of learning, combined with fun. They have stood the test of time now, haven’t they?

What is a persona? How do you understand the human nature/character of your customer?

Essentially, a persona is a bunch of people that signify or represent a certain common taste, a predictable behavior and in local sense a personification of a customer segment as a whole. If you’re interested to know more, check out this book by Antonio that I personally am a fan of, because it beautifully explains how emotional thoughts influence our rational and more logical decisions.

One thing I know about sales people is that they need to improve their listening skills. I’ve met tons of salespeople on LinkedIn and have been spammed by shameful cold callers. All they do is enact their well scripted monologue. That’s it. There’s no “us”, it’s a fucking one-way street. Seriously, are they selling to themselves?

Most marketers are guilty of letting their customers go through the exact same selfish experience. Common, we’ve all done batch n’ blast email marketing, spamming with direct, inexplicable and badly timed CTAs (call-to-actions) at first light to most of our social connections and whatnot. You’re all going to hell.

I decided to change something, after a year of inconsequential swimming across the 500 million userbases of LinkedIn (that’s where I learned most about buyer persona).

Building relationships is the key to quality customer success. No jargon or sugar coating here. Plain, bald truth.

Let me clarify this better. If you’re in a committed, emotional relationship with someone, do you know what keeps it going? It’s actually a consistent effort toward better and more understanding (empathizing) conversations. And that attention and dedication of time alone reinforces an almost irreplaceable value that forms the foundations for more intimate adventures. This is the billion-dollar guide to building relationships. On the business front, this is what we call Life Time Value of Customers (another Wikipedia link for those cold-hearted nerds).

At this point, I’d also suggested a reading of this article by HBR on what companies miss about customer life time value. It’s truly words worth in gold. In most cases, a common mistake that people do while building relationships is that they listen to answer, not to understand.

You must be thinking, it’s easier said than done. Well hello, that’s why I’m teaching you the basics, the very fundamentals of firsthand interaction. Don’t start cold, start warm with love. Ask the right questions, make the right observations and most importantly, LIVE IN THE REALITY OF CUSTOMERS. Not your pitch perfect one with your star class product/service. That joint exists only for you, now make it exist for your customer as well. Then, proceed to scale the conversation by some specific call to action that your prospect can participate in (more than you LOL) and start small engagements that lead to the consecutive touch points in the buying cycle.

Closing thoughts

Modern marketing attribution is largely an extension of customer-centric selling, which is just normal methods but more personalized to each individual customer. But for that, your entire organization must be in sync toward being a holistic manifestation of an emotional, caring and customer first organization.

The best example I can extend here is Amazon, which is the only ecommerce site I use. Here’s a Jeff Bezos video on being customer first, above anything else where he credits that philosophy alone to majority of Amazon’s retail success. My company WiseWords has developed this short but powerful *guide* that explains a step by step process about architecting your customer’s buyer persona from scratch, how to organize the information you collect and develop strategies around them. It’s free to download so head over, a little courtesy never hurt anyone.

Pay attention to customers to solve their problems, sell without selling. Be nice.

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