Biz Tips: Introducing Your Products

Biz Tips: Introducing Your Products


Introducing Your Products

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Do you have a checklist for introducing your products?

I was reading John Maxwell’s “Leadership Promises for Every Day ~ A Daily Devotional” and it struck a chord with me.

This chord helped me better understand how I could share my vision with others, learn more about my products, and how it will solve my audiences problems and provide a venue for sharing and teaching others about how I can be of assistance to them. Be the Leader that I am.

Having a checklist for each of your products does 10 things:

  1. Clarity: Brings understanding to your vision. It tells your audience what they must know, hot it will solve their problems and what you want them to do.

2. Connectedness: Brings the past, present and future of the product together.

3. Purpose: Brings direction to your vision.

4. Goals: Brings that target to you goals.

5. Honesty: Brings integrity to your vision and credibility to your audience.

6. Stories: Brings relationship to your vision.

7. Challenge: Brings stretching to your vision.

8. Passion: Brings fuel to your vision.

9. Modeling: Brings accountability to your vision.

10. Strategy: Brings process to your vision.

I hope this post challenged you to think differently. If working two jobs sounds ridiculous to you as well, you definitely want to consider starting your own side hustle.

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