Biz Tips: Inside the Mind of a Social Media Founder (feat. Adel Belgaied)

Biz Tips: Inside the Mind of a Social Media Founder (feat. Adel Belgaied)


Inside the Mind of a Social Media Founder (feat. Adel Belgaied)

Adel Belgaied

I’ve known Adel for while by now and there isn’t anyone working harder than him when it comes to building ideas and goals!

Ever since we got on the phone I could feel his passion every time we talked about PIVIT, so much so that I wanted to make this article with him in order for everybody to know more about him and what he’s planning to do.

PIVIT is a social media platform Adel is creating where it looks to change everything. It will be full of innovations that will leave other social media platforms looking stale and boring. Best of all? He’s trying to make the world a better place with the help of PIVIT!

I can go on and on about it but I’m sure Adel can explain it 100 times better!

1) What Made You Want To Create a New Social Media Platform

There was no eagerness to me building a new social media platform… it was one of those things where the concept came to me and I thought to myself “what does the world need and want.” That got me thinking and it spurred this large ambition in me, along with the passion I’ve always had to help people and the world, low and behold, this platform that I foresaw people using I believe will be something that will connect us all in ways we never have through social media.

Adel Belgaied

2) How Can It Change The Game?

It’s never about how do I reinvent the wheel.. it’s about how do I make things better, more efficient, friendly, compassionate, powerful.

I believe that PIVIT will not only be the most powerful social media tool out there to share your life or business, but I feel that it will unite the world through and off social media unlike ever before.

3) How Are You Going To Manage All Of It?

There are no guidebooks on how to change the world or change social media or for that matter build a new social media platform. What I know is what I know and what I don’t know I will strive to know. As for managing PIVIT

Adel Belgaied

I plan on having the greatest of leaders along with me to help promote the correct agendas, culture and relationships that people have long strived for. We will manage as we go. I’m excited for it!

4) Do You Think It’s Going To Change The Way People Are Going To Think About Social Media?

PIVIT will definitely change the way people think about social media.
We are going to break so many norms, that are able to broken and should be broken… from validation likes and followers to should I post this picture or not or the anxiety and depression people are feeling from platforms now a days.

We will address all that and continue to come up with solutions to make people feel safe and at ease all while connecting powerfully around the world and with those they care about.. their ONE!

If this piqued your interest and want to be the first one to know when PIVIT launches, why not follow Adel and PIVIT itself?

I promise you will not be disappointed!!

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