Biz Tips: Improve your Instagram Marketing with User Generated Content

Biz Tips: Improve your Instagram Marketing with User Generated Content


Improve your Instagram Marketing with User Generated Content

The reason why you must do User-Generated Content on your Instagram marketing and how you to do it

Instagram is like a battlefield for the brand, now. Do you already notice right how many times we see ads on Instagram now? This can’t be detained anymore, because Instagram one of an effective way to reach your customer. Instagram is very generous to provide us with analytic tools, this tool can provide us with data that show demographics of our followers, our top post, our reach and engagement in our post, with this we can measure how effective our post that we do.

Look at how many users on Instagram now:

Credit: Techcrunch

Amazing right? Only 8 years it has already 1B active users, and it’s still growing now.

Many brands see this as a chance to reach and engage with their customer more, so they use Instagram to do this. Many brands already see this number as an additional force on their marketing.

How is it possible? The best troops you can get to marketing brand is your own customer, and they are free. The customer is a customer, but how you can make them be troops of your marketing?

The answer is to use User Generated Content.

User Generated Content (Let’s say UGC from now) is essentially any content created by unpaid contributors. It can include anything from pictures, videos, and blog posts to testimonials and discussion boards. To put it simply, you use your followers content that talks about your content and make it as your own content. UGC allows your brand to turn your customer post on Instagram (photo or video) into your marketing content. Simple but effective. Seriously.

I will give you the reason why use user-generated content can elevate your brand more than you can imagine, let’s start with study case that gonna give you a big picture of it.

Now see this 2 pictures below,

Which one do you think people gonna more like, left or right?

The answer is clear, most of the people gonna more like the post in the left. The reason is simple because it’s more honest and show the product of the brand in real action. The post left is what brand alone, who’s gonna believe what brand said today?

The post right is the review of the brand by people, that share experience while wearing the brand product. See the difference is clear, we are more like to believe what people say about the brand than the brand say it directly to ourselves.

That’s the power of User Generated Content, incredible right? You don’t need to make content, because people will make content for you. They will become your additional troop for your marketing.

Before you know this, many brands already start to do it, look at this now.

The big brands already do it, before you know it. Some of them even use UGC as their main content on Instagram.

Here’s why all of them use UGC on Instagram,

Now you finally see how effective UGC can be on Instagram.

Here are all the benefits that can be obtained when your business using UGC on Instagram:


Don’t need to spend money to do it, just ask the customer nicely to repost their content.

Labeled trusted by people

We all more like trust the review by real people, people showed your product perform in real life.

Build a loyalty and customer relationship

People feel valued by you, when you use their post on Instagram, these people must be kept close, because they are loyal customers and fans who really care about your brand.

Increases social reach and build a community

The more people creating content about your brand, the more you reach your customer. People will start associating themselves with your brand than feel like a group of big community.

So the question, how to make them write content for you right? It’s easy if you do it in the right way.

1. Start a campaign

Start a campaign on your Instagram now. It can be a social campaign or something that still have associated with your product or service. Make sure the campaign you made to strengthen the brand identity and the brand voice of your brand, so it will be effective.

Begin with starting to create uniques hashtag. Don’t do something boring like #yourbrandnamerepost. Sometimes it’s not enough to move people making contain for you. Do it like Anggur Orang Tua do with their hashtag #kitakawanbukanlawan,

This hashtag needs to be applied to all our your marketing to be a success, place it on your website, newsletter, email, youtube video, you name it all. Or just ask them to photo with your product share their stories with it, as Starbucks did with their Instagram with #redcup,

2. Make a contest to your customer

Create a contest for your customer it’s the best way to make them create content for you. For example, you can try a photo contest, caption contest and story contest, even design contest. Don’t forget to give the prize to the winner. When you hold a contest, a word from your brand will spread among on your customer. This will stimulus word of mouth of your brand.

Look how soyjoy hold a contest on their Instagram,

You can see how effective they do it, the contest they make still have an association with their brand identity and brand voice.

The contest only held in one week and see the exposure they get here,

So many rights? People start to make content to win the contest even the prize still unpublished. This will bring good exposure for them. This is how why User Generated Content so effective on Instagram.

If you consistently doing this, people will keep making content for you, and even don’t care again about the prize.

This is what Daniel Wellington achieve on their Instagram,

You see it right, even just get featured on their Instagram post can be seen as the prize for the people.

Now let’s see how many contents that people already made to them,

I know I know this amazing right, people post with #danielwellington it already reaches more than 2 Million posts. Imagine how much reach and engagement they already get. This is a true power of User Generated Content.


User-Generated Content on Instagram is a powerful way to easily connect with your customer and spread your brand awareness. When you do User Generated Content for your brand, you make your customer build your brand voluntary, even build a community in it.

Never ever fake your User Generated Content, seriously. People will know about this when you fake your User Generated Content, and it gonna hurt your brand so heavily. Don’t forget to ask them nicely before you put their content to your Instagram post. People gonna respect you if you do this, never steal from them.

Start your campaign nicely, research first, try to find what your customer gonna like, and matching it with your brand identity and your brand voice. Once you already start User Generated Content campaign in your Instagram, people will not stop making content for you.

Share your opinion and experience about User Generated Content on Instagram with us, we wanna hear it from you. Let’s learn together to make the best user-generated content strategy.

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