Biz Tips: IG TV: Should You use It As Part Of Your Strategy?

Biz Tips: IG TV: Should You use It As Part Of Your Strategy?


IG TV: Should You use It As Part Of Your Strategy?

IG TV has been out for over a week now and the hype is starting to drop off, with people starting to question whether it’s worth their time or not.

After building my personal Instagram account, I decided that I needed to create a separate one for my blog. Which put me right back at the start in terms of having a following on Instagram.

Which is fine.

I now have more confidence with my account and don’t feel that I need to hold back content for fear of annoying my friends.

With this new account, I decided to finally take the plunge and move into video creation. With the release of IG TV around the same time as me starting a new account, it seemed like the stars had aligned and this was my opportunity to take that leap.

So I did just that.

The first video I uploaded was about ignoring excuses, which is the complete opposite of what I had done in the months that lead up to me making my first video.

After taking that plunge and uploading to IG TV, I’ve been spending some time assessing whether IG TV is the right place to start.

Especially for an account with so few followers.

I’ve been holding consistency with my Instagram account, uploading 3 times per day to keep the followers increasing.

Which is by about 20–30 per day but IG TV isn’t quite set up as well as Instagram in terms of getting exposure to audiences you aren’t in contact with.

Before I go into a list of the issues that people looking to build a personal brand will face, I want to say that I think IG TV is something you need to be taking advantage of purely based off what I think they will turn the app into.

Here are the problems.


As it stands, using IG TV is almost pointless for people with small followings, if you only see the short-term reward.


If you look at the screenshot, you can see the types of filter options you have. Essentially, what you have is people you already follow or recommended.

With recommended being filled with people who have millions of followers, you’re really stuck to having to utilise the ‘following’ tab.

From a personal branding point of view, this means you still need to focus on growing your Instagram account before IG TV becomes worth it and having to create both vertical and square videos, just isn’t worth it for a one-man army.

At this stage…


This is the biggest buzz kill and feeds my point on favouring the larger accounts over people wanting to get started.

If you’re starting out, you rely on hashtags to build your following which is something that hasn’t been transferred to IG TV.


You can see that while the layout might look cool, it’s horrible for anything other than viewing.

Even if you did have the above options, it would still be a hard app to navigate.


Ignoring these above points, not using the app could be severely limiting yourself on success.

The above outline the short-term but building a personal brand takes time, so you need to focus on the long-term.

The app is brand new which means it’s nowhere near finished.

I believe that all the above points will be fixed over time and the people who decided to use it when it was pointless will be heavily rewarded when the navigation and discovery features are improved.

The only question is:

Are you willing to take the risk?

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