Biz Tips: If You Want To Make Money Blogging, You’ll Need A Strategy

Biz Tips: If You Want To Make Money Blogging, You’ll Need A Strategy


If You Want To Make Money Blogging, You’ll Need A Strategy

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A blog is not a business.

I’ve started blogging 4 1/2 years ago. I haven’t exactly been successful in monetizing my blog during all this time. Just imagine that: spending more than four years of your life doing something every single day and not making any money from it.

Why have I been so unsuccessful?

Because I didn’t have a proper strategy. I forgot that a blog in itself isn’t a business. I forgot that if I want to make money through my blog, then it needs to be embedded in a much wider business strategy.

The real money in blogging comes from your own products/services.

So, from the very beginning of launching your blog, you need to be very clear on what you are actually going to sell through your blog. Your content needs to be deliberately designed in a way that goes in line with your overall business strategy.

Know the value of a blog.

In a complete online business, a blog is essentially nothing but a lead generation tool. Essentially, you are using a blog to attract people to your e-mail database.

Don’t over-estimate the value of your blog.

Your blog is a lead generation tool. Nothing more.

There is a lot more to an online business than just the blog itself. Once people are reading your content on a regular basis, you still need to remain in contact with them via e-mail and slowly convert them into paying customers.

This means that you:

  • need to have a strategy for converting e-mail subscribers into paying customers
  • need to have a strategy for how your blog is going to be in line with the products you are selling

In other words, your products need to be a natural progression from the free content, which you are providing. Your blog posts are the teaser and your other products will allow you to go more in-depth.

In short, your blog needs to be one part of a much larger business.

What is your business model?

You see, I’ve been blogging for 4 1/2 years. During all those years, I have been providing free content for my readers. But I have been a complete failure at monetizing my work.

That’s because I was lacking a business model.

I always thought of my blog as the business. But I didn’t have any clue how to monetize my blog at all.

People will tell you that you only need to drive traffic to your blog and that you will figure out how to monetize it. That is bullshit. There is people with tons of readers who are still broke.

They have a blog.

But no business.

What you need to do is to come up with your wider business idea first. Who are your target customers? What problems are you solving for them? What results are you going to produce? What products are you going to build?

It is only when you are clear on these things, that you will build a blog that is useful for your business. After all, you are going to have to tailor your free content in a way that it attracts the right clients.

What comes after your blog?

So, a potential customer has found your blog. He or she enjoys your content and is interested in more.

Now what?

Is he or she just going to buy your $2000 coaching program?

Obviously not. At this stage, your potential customer doesn’t trust you enough just yet. What you need is a system that converts this person into a buyer and eventually into a loyal fan of your work.

So you need a system that captures the person’s e-mail address.

And you need to know what to do with those e-mail addresses.

You need to have a cheap entry level product in place that people can purchase with relatively low risk (e.g. a book). And you need to have a system that keeps track of each individual customer and where they are in the customer life cycle.

In this way, you can offer them the right product at the right time.


A blog doesn’t monetize itself. From the beginning, you need to have a very clear sense of how the blog itself fits into your wider business strategy. You need to know what it is you are selling.

Do you really know:

  • … who your target customers are?
  • … what problems you are solving for them?
  • … what results you are going to drive for them?
  • … what exact products you are going to offer them?
  • … what system you will use to convert a reader of your blog into a buyer?

If you don’t know the exact answers to those questions, then you don’t have a business. You have a blog. And a blog is nothing but one potential lead generation tool out of many.

Essentially, you have built a system that gets people to know you.

Nothing more.

What many people forget is that one can have a blog with tons of traffic and still don’t make any money from it at all.

Don’t be that person. Have a clear strategy in place.

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