Biz Tips: Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing with New weapons

Biz Tips: Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing with New weapons


Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing with New weapons

World Traveler Sean Gardner believes in one thing when it comes to social media marketing;

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”

Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing with New weapons

Today, technology has evolved the way of doing marketing. It has become more unique, innovative and interactive. Vlogging, Videos, Infographics, Podcasts are not just the key components, they are the heavy loaded weapons helping businesses to leverage relevant audience.

Yes, it’s true. Social Media Channels are meant to have fun, chit-chats and sharing moments, but we can not deny with the fact that gradually internet has turned these channels into a marketplace or say a medium to attract active users.

It’s like Think. Think and Think, what can be executed which stands out to be unique and alluring. Oh Gosh! It seriously punctures the ability of thinking. Being a hard core marketing professional, it becomes difficult to keep the essential elements alive for users to read. Don’t you think so?

Yes, It is difficult. One cannot include the flavours of fun all the time, but definitely can make things easier and interesting that clicks the user’s mind the moment he holds to your post.

Therefore, we have brought the known and unknown social media marketing weapons helping you stay connected with your relevant audience for long and develop your user experience perception.

Shall we begin? But from where should we start?Umm…

Emoticons? Bingo!

Emoticons is the favourite weapon everyone likes to use while posting on social media channels. More than being a face of emotions or gestures, it is a language of communication. Easily conveys messages to the reader. But don’t know why companies don’t use it in increasing numbers.

Using emoticons with snippets is fun. Post like these get more impressions, likes and comments. As a consequence the chances of engaging more users doubles.

Next in the list is Hashtag. Believe it or not! A single hashtag can miraculously increase the number of views. For instance, if you are publishing a post of a recently launched mobile app getting 5 star reviews tagging #mobileapp. You will notice an amazing engagement of users on your post. The reason you know.

Hashtag also includes the fun element. And, that is where the companies lack. One can play tactfully with hashtags and can easily develop an interest amongst users.

Social media marketing is an ocean of ideas. With every unique idea, we can create exclusive hashtags that holds user’s attention for a long time. The only thing professionals need to do is think, think and execute.

Yes, this is how the marketing of products, resources and services takes place. Keeping things as easy as a pie.

Moreover, visual contents create a strong impact on users. This weapon is made in use when companies have the detailed research to show in. And, to your notice visuals content are the biggest weapons to influence the potential users.

In the list of Visual Contents comes Videos, Vlogging and Infographics.

Let’s go in the same order…

Videos hold #1 position when we discuss on the visual weapons to influence active users.

With the advances in technology, video has stepped in to a new level which we call it as 360 degree video. This shows that we are on digital mode. No restrictions nothing. Picking video content for the next post carries a lot of effort work. You need to stitch the photos you’ve collected, weave a beautiful story and then publish. Indeed, an effortful task but at the same time, a rewarding one.

Nowadays, the video is the only weapon for branding and product launch. It creates an impeccable impression on users who actually stop by your posts. That’s the reason, why being content writers we cut short our word lengths and give space to visuals.

Next is Vlogging. Vlogging is trending. Top companies have a section of vlogging where you can come across the well researched topics teamed up with the explanatory video. Now that’s interesting. A new area to cover.

Doing such activities builds a writer’s interest to research on exclusive topics and present in front of the readers. Simultaneously, marketing professionals also enjoy posting such research based vlogs. As a consequence, your post gets more impressions, likes and comments and users don’t leave without hitting a subscribe me button. This is the difference!

Well! If you are holding on to Vlogging then Infographics is another impressive visual content which is an easy way out to bring in the user’s attention to your post. You can use infographics for various topics. Make it a point that it’s worthful and purpose is easily conveyed.

Infographics are specifically designed to educate users on relevant topics. For instance, The Epic Content Cycle: 10 Steps to 10X Content [Infographic] posted on smart blogger website. The infographic posted is stupefying. The writer has figured out all the essential elements and blended beautifully with content. Just have a look at it.

Podcast is a audio content which is emerging its roots in eCommerce sector educating retail owners about retail bandwagons, selling tips and a lot more is covered. Just as Television drama has episodes and series, Podcasts also have.

There are specific sites where podcasts are published such as SoundCloud, Stitcher and are also available at app stores. But it was surprising to see them getting shared on social media platforms with a huge number of views, likes and comments.

Here is an example…

The Ending Note

Social Media Marketing is the best part of the job because you enjoy doing it. Every time you post, you come up with unique ideas and that what is required. Yes, you need to be quick in executing the strategies you’ve planned. Because companies focus on only leads and revenues. The quicker you are, the better results you get.

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