Biz Tips: I Look Forward to YouTube Ads and I am Not Ashamed

Biz Tips: I Look Forward to YouTube Ads and I am Not Ashamed


I Look Forward to YouTube Ads and I am Not Ashamed

“This is the sign you’ve been looking for neon signage” by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Do you ever notice that little yellow strip on the progress bar when watching a YouTube video? Does it annoy you to know that you’ll be getting an ad or two in the middle of whatever you’re watching?

It used to bother me, but now I like it.

I look forward to seeing which ad will come next. The ads I see are actually for products and services that I am genuinely interested in. Google is doing a great job with its ad services.

I enjoy watching YouTube ads.

You know why?

Dean Graziosi, among others.

Ever seen this guy?

I love seeing his ads. He is ultra passionate about his work, and it fills me with passion to see that. I’m learning more about how to be better at marketing and ads just by watching his ads.

I haven’t even read his book yet, but he got me to buy it.

Maybe I’m just a sucker or something, but one thing is for sure: If I never learn a single lesson from Dean after this moment, I will have learned one incredibly valuable lesson that I will never forget.

“Passion always wins.” — Dean Graziosi

Now, his aren’t the only YouTube ads I’ve been seeing recently (although I’ve been seeing a lot of his). I’m seeing some others that are also done by passionate individuals that light the fire inside of me.

Their passion persuades me to listen to them. So I do.

I learn where that passion exists within me and how to utilize my passion to help other people. My life is improved by the passion within the marketing and advertising efforts of these individuals.

But it’s not just the passionate individuals and the great marketers that teach us how to do marketing and ads well. Sometimes we learn how not to do marketing and ads by the bad examples.

This week I stumbled across a channel that does very thorough book summaries. Extremely valuable information is given in every single one of his videos. But he has little passion.

For me, that lack of passion killed my interest after only a few videos.

Granted, this is a very talented, hardworking individual and I believe I may return to the videos for the value of the information that he provides. I don’t mean to belittle his hard work in any way.

But it got me thinking, which audiobooks and podcasts do I love to listen to the most, even though I don’t always agree with everything that’s being said?

The ones that have authors with the most passion.

I think of Gary Vaynerchuk, Jen Sincero, and Russell Brunson, just to name a few other great, passionate individuals.

They sell because of their passion, not because of talent, although they are incredibly talented and intelligent as well.

What more could you sell with your passion?

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