Biz Tips: How We Helped A Healthy Restaurant Go From 6 to 7 Figures Annually in 60 Days.

Biz Tips: How We Helped A Healthy Restaurant Go From 6 to 7 Figures Annually in 60 Days.


How We Helped A Healthy Restaurant Go From 6 to 7 Figures Annually in 60 Days.

One of the coolest things to experience as a business owner in the service industry is to see your client succeed. This post is completely dedicated to our client ProteinHouse in Phoenix Arizona. PH has experienced massive success with multiple social media campaigns over the past year of working with us. In this blog, I’m going to cover the 5 things that we did that made their campaigns successful.

1.) High-Quality Content

  • One thing that many companies overlook while advertising is the quality of their content. Sure, there are apps that make videos for you, students that will do it cheaper and phones that don’t cost as much as a camera. The question you need to ask yourself if you’re in this scenario then is “How important is the success of my business to me.” If you answered “important” to yourself, you should definitely invest in a professional doing your video content.
  • It’s not always about finding the best deal or hiring people that are the least expensive, but finding the people that understand the Why, How, What philosophy that Simon Sinek talked about in his famous TedTalk. It’s also about finding someone who understands the different placements sizes that this video will be displayed on. In regards to Facebook & Instagram, there are different placements that are designed for mobile viewing, desktop viewing etc… Make sure that when your content is being created that it is formatted correctly for facebook, that it fits Facebook’s advertising guidelines and that it tells a story about your brand that a consumer can connect with.

2.) Displaying To The Right Target Audience

  • There are a million and one ways to lose money while advertising online. One way which this often happens is the displaying of ads towards incorrect audiences. As a business owner, you really have to know who your customers are. Get to know them, their habits, their interests, and what else they do besides coming in and spending money at your storefront.

These people are more than a number and you need to take that responsibility to get in their head and understand how to fulfill their needs not only with your food & customer service but your online presence.

  • Facebook has one of the world’s most powerful AI’s that is highly dense and can tap into a lot of data. For ProteinHouse we sat down as a team with the owners/managers to discuss the ideal customer we wanted to display our ads to. After hours of research, discussion and contemplation we picked our target audience. Since ProteinHouse was started by professional bodybuilders and fitness influencers we knew that people interested in fitness, health, supplements, gyms, training, cardio, yoga etc..would be highly interested in eating at PH. Over time we were able to gather data from these people & create a custom audience, which allowed us to ramp up their video views online while hitting more people for a cheaper cost.

3.) Organization

  • Before we launched the campaign we planned out everything that we ended up doing. We planned out each shot, we embodied the target customer journey within the video, and we displayed the video to the right people, in the right location(s). All of this took strategic planning between our team & the ProteinHouse staff. Make sure that when you are preparing to launch your social media campaigns that you create a success list with tasks that get you to your goal. It is not about doing the most things, but doing the right things and realizing marketing is not as complex as it seems. Marketing is simply about getting in front of your customers face and continually reminding them that you are there and that you provide a valuable service that enhances their life.

4.) Content Messaging

  • A huge aspect of content creation that must not be overlooked is the strategy behind the content. It’s not as simple as just taking a video of your products and services but displaying your value in a way that is enticing to your customer. If you watch the video we made above for ProteinHouse you’ll see how we embodied the life of their “everyday customer”. Moving from the gym to the restaurant experience, food & drink options, customer service, the vibe of the restaurant itself & the variety of people within “the target market” that eat their daily. You’ll also notice that we did not aim to sell one thing in that video, we simply captured what was happening that day at the restaurant. If you click on the video link above and head to ProteinHouse’s Facebook, you’ll notice how simple the copy for the ad was. “Do You Eat With Purpose?” All we did was simply pose a question that was enticing enough for the target market to ask themselves, and it resulted in a conversion event. AKA they clicked and watched the video to find out what ProteinHouse was about.

5.) Engagement With Customers

  • Something that boggles my mind is the number of people on social media that DO NOT engage with the people who comment and like your content. If people are engaging with you, engage with them back. Its apart of the natural flow of social media. In the age of 2018, everybody expects these “massive” results without putting in the work. The harsh reality is that these false expectations will do nothing for the growth of your business and if you want to win on social you need to learn how to run ads, create content & engage with your fans correctly & respectfully. One reason this ProteinHouse post has 569 shares and 755 comments within a 15 square mile radius of their location is that we engaged with the fans as they would comment and share the post. Thanking them by commenting back, liking their comments, following them on IG if they pushed out their own content while enjoying food at ProteinHouse.

Our team hopes to help as many healthy restaurants crush it with their advertising in 2019 & we hope that if you are a restaurant owner reading this that it will inspire you to take corrective action. One thing you need to realize is that advertising online is severely underpriced right now, but it won’t be for long. As the Subways, Cheesecake Factories, Qdobas & Whole Foods of the world realize the power of ads online the price will only inflate. It is time to take advantage of smartphones being mobile billboards that live in your customer’s hands. Optimize your social media and online presence this year & you’ll be thankful that you did.

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Skylar Lysaker, C.O.O of FG Marketing Co.

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