Biz Tips: How Upwork Compares to Other Online Options

Biz Tips: How Upwork Compares to Other Online Options

Biz Tip:

How Upwork Compares to Other Online Options

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Online talent sources like freelancing websites, job boards, and LinkedIn all make it easier for your business to connect with the talent it needs. But only Upwork provides the global marketplace and services that scale to handle any size project of any complexity.

Here are a few ways Upwork enables you to leverage the flexible workforce for business growth.

Round out the skills of your existing agency

It’s difficult for any business—including agencies—to keep up with new marketing challenges and evolving technologies. Some companies round out their agency’s skills by using Upwork to fill talent gaps.

If your agency centers around creative, contract a freelance data analyst or SEO expert to provide better insights and results. If your agency is tech or data-oriented, complement their team with freelance creatives to develop ideas and stories. Use Upwork for talent to bridge the worlds between consulting, creative, data and ROI.

Contract a project manager to free up your time

Upwork has a large selection of highly qualified project managers available to help your team stay on schedule and within budget. A project manager can help you answer questions like: What should we prioritize? How much will this cost? And who’s doing what?

After identifying who’s doing what, these experienced professionals can also take care of finding, vetting and onboarding talent for you. Their expertise may be especially valuable when hiring for skills outside of your specialty.

Freelance project managers are accustomed to jumping into new projects and ramping up quickly. Their experience working on similar projects with other businesses may provide some creativity or insights that can keep your project on schedule, within budget, and perhaps deliver higher results.

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If you’re tasked with developing or implementing a program that’s outside your organization’s purview, you may consider engaging a program consultant. These professionals provide expert knowledge related to a particular program or industry. It was with the aid of skilled program consultants that enabled UCLA to build its first e-learning platform—and do it within a tight budget and timeline.

Optimize budgets and time with an agency

In addition to contracting one or two freelancers at a time, you can also engage an agency to handle your entire project. Freelance agencies are a smart choice when you’re facing a large or multi-layered project. And for projects with tight deadlines.

On Upwork, you can find agencies located worldwide, ranging from a 2-person boutique firm to agencies with hundreds of employees. You’ll find agencies able to help with nearly any project from providing multi-lingual customer support to developing robotic systems.

“Working with an agency on Upwork has allowed me to run more projects and build more features. We’re able to maximize our budget without compromising on quality or scope.” Jacinto Santamaria, Technology Manager, Black Dog Institute

Integrate freelancers your way

For your business to fully leverage the talent cloud, it takes more than finding the right person. It also requires having the flexibility and support to use them strategically. Upwork offers a range of tailored services including an Enterprise solution.

Get any-sized project done

Upwork provides the flexibility and tools to incorporate freelancers into your workflow as little, or as much, as you need. Whether that’s hiring one freelancer for a quick turnaround. Or contracting hundreds of people across multiple countries for larger projects.

With our support, your teams can innovate faster and operate with greater agility. Just as important, your teams can focus on what they do best and confidently let freelancers handle the rest.

Upwork is a freelancing website where businesses of all sizes can find talented independent professionals across multiple disciplines and categories. Ready to let freelance experts help you get more done? Start today!

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