Biz Tips: How to Write Content and Copy People Want to Read — 5 Featured Stories

Biz Tips: How to Write Content and Copy People Want to Read — 5 Featured Stories


How to Write Content and Copy People Want to Read — 5 Featured Stories

A huge factor in whether or not someone remembers your website/advertisement/blog post/video is the story it tells.

Any tactic that represents your business should be memorable and shareable. You know, tug at those heartstrings or inspire a laugh or two.

The rub?

That is way, waaaay easier said than done.

So this week’s Mark Growth newsletter focuses on stories that may help you create memorable copy and content. Start with Small Businesses Must Create Content to Survive!, where contributor Eric Pone argues that it’s time move from transactional to relational client systems to stay ahead of the curve. Get his expert marketing advice here.

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Mark Growth Featured Stories

Gather ‘round for these Mark Growth articles that offer insider tips for making your content that helps boost your business.

Make Your Copy More Enjoyable To Read

Mark Growth writer Mark Armstrong says that if you make your copy and images more enjoyable, your prospects will be more inclined to answer your call to action.

Find out how to make any topic interesting here.

Does Your Website have a Personality?

Contributor Sai Ramachandran explores the option of adjusting your website to align with a pattern that your visitor may be comfortable seeing.

Get his advice on what tools to use to make your website as user-friendly as possible.

WordPress Most Essential Plugins

Even the best copy in the world needs a boost from SEO, email opt-ins and other marketing tools. In this short and sweet listicle W. Jon McClure outlines his favorite plugins.

Find out what they are here.

A Beginners Guide to Content Marketing Funnels

If you need some writing tips beyond getting your website up and running, Sarah Aboulhosn has you covered with this article.

Learn how to set up successful and effective content marketing funnels.

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Blog

If the phrases, “SEO,” “keyword research,” and “meta description,” mean nothing to you, then check out this article from MINDSCAPE.

Learn how to set up and start your blog today.

Mark Growth Author of the Week

Andrei David is a kick-ass marketer and digital strategist who is working his way through CPCs, CTRs and other WTFs. You can follow him on Medium here.

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